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Kevin Donnelly (Author)

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We converted this book from a supplied Word document and used the existing cover. It was an extremely straightforward job and it was a pleasure to work with Kevin. Taming the Black Dog looks to be a very heartfelt book which will touch many lives with its raw honesty and depth.

Book Information

The book details the impact of suffering and loss as a result of a family tragedy and details how the father involved dealt with depression and tamed Churchill’s black dog. While there are no easy solutions and there is no such thing as closure, the book affirms a positive view of life and the ability to overcome adversity.

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Contributors: Kevin Donnelly (Author)
cover-dumbing-downAvailable on: Amazon KindleApple iBookstore, Kobo and Google

About the project
This book was converted to epub and mobi from a client-supplied PDF. There were 40 cross references and a couple of tables within the content of the book, and the cover didn’t need to be designed. As this book was designed for print initially, it was already a well laid out book so it converted nicely to the ebook format without any trouble. We then distributed it to our usual vendors. ...continue reading "Dumbing Down"