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Nicholas Johnstone (Author)

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What we did:

We converted this book from a customer supplied word document to standard epub and mobi format. Additional to the content, the customer had supplied us with Images that were optimised and embedded into the ebook. We also designed the front cover incorporating a stock photo of a lady wearing a vintage pilot helmet and a blue background sky photo. Once the cover design and ebook was approved by the customer, we then distributed it to all major vendors.


From penniless wanderer to Captain on the Airbus A320 in Singapore, Pilot Pursuits weaves its hilarious way through the USA, Zanzibar, Kenya, Australia, Switzerland, Europe and the Far East all in pursuit of the ultimate dream - Captain of a jet airliner. Whatever your dream, Pilot Pursuits demonstrates that against all odds, you can do it! Plenty of ‘plane related’ stuff in here but if that bores you to tears, there are travel experiences by the bucket load. Both funny and motivational, Pilot Pursuits inspires all of us to get of our arses and ‘do something’!

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