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Prince Ray (Author)

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About the Author
Ray Prince was the Australasian Speaking Champion of Toastmasters and competed in the world finals in the USA in the late 80's and also was the Qld. winner in the Humorous Speech.

About the Project
Amanda Greenslade, director of Australian eBook Publisher, provided publishing consultation to Ray who had an epub and mobi file already created. Amanda assisted him with self-publishing to Amazon, Apple and Kobo.

About the Book
If you enjoy just reading good humour or want to enhance your speeches or writing, then there are more than 4,000 carefully selected one liners readily available and indexed here for you.

If you need punchy humorous one liners relating to Business, Money and Economics, Professions, Politics and Government, Health and Doctors, Sex and Marriage, Religion, Laws of the Universe, Travel, IT and Computers, Golfing Truisms, Proverbs, Speech-making, and a huge section called Potpourri, you'll find many, many elegant and appropriate examples ready to use.

The book has an easy system to identify and locate specific examples, e.g. one click produces 38 one liners relating to 'lawyers'.

Many people find it an enjoyable book just to delve into to take a five minute break.

"Clever humour can make you laugh for ten seconds and think for ten minutes!"

Some Quotes From the Book (About Books)

Some people manage by the book, even though they don't know who wrote the book or even what book – or what a book is

Spirobits are the frayed bits of left‑behind paper in a spiral notebook.

A good management book is one, which everyone wants to have read, but nobody wants to read.

A new book has been released titled, "The Friends Of The Prime Minister". It is only one page shorter than the book "Famous Antarctic Television Personalities Of  The Eighteenth Century". The Leader of the Opposition spent most of the week reading it and said he found it challenging in its scope.

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