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Robert Parsons (Author)

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One of our earliest ebook conversion jobs, this project involved using the print cover design and Word document, including a number of images. The author was able to self-distribute the ebook.

Book Information

A NSW country town is the perfect place for fourteen-year-old Peter Woziak to grow up in, thrashing old cars around paddocks, parties on the river, playing football and meeting girls. But things can change very quickly. The town plunges into a brutal dispute over football codes and Woziak wants to be loyal to his best mate without making a commitment himself. Then, when his girlfriend's little brother is killed, Peter waits too long before going to see her.

But the real challenge is lurking behind the walls of the town gaol. For almost his entire life, Peter has lived opposite the high walls of the gaol once used to hold prisoners of war. Sometime during the year Woziak becomes aware that the goal is used to hold 'bad' girls. When he tells his mates that he knows one of the girls in the gaol, they hatch a plan to rescue her. The wrong girl is rescued, but that turns out to be good. Peter learns that nothing is as it seems and people can surprise you. He even surprises himself.

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