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Ruby Blessing (Author)

Ebook available on:

This one was a conversion only project. We converted the book from the client-supplied Indesign files to both epub and mobi formats. The cover design was client-supplied also. It was a pleasure to work with Ruby and the book looks like a very well-written and interesting book.

Book Information

Crispin Scales is the clumsiest dragon in the Realm. Unfortunate, because an ancient spell has chosen him to save the world, embedding a golden pearl in his chest to prove it. When his best friend, the Princess Marlo, is kidnapped by King Gary and his side-kick, the evil armoured dragon Lux, Crispin reluctantly teams up with the rebellious witch Chance to try and save her. All standard stuff really, except Crispin must first learn to control his magic, escape a hungry pack of bloodhounds and get past the two-headed dragon. Oh, and it would be quite helpful if he could avoid being killed. Something he’s not particularly good at.

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