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Fantasy Women

Amanda Greenslade (Author)

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Australian eBook Publisher used Smashwords to convert this Word document to ePub. It was supposed to be distributed through Apple, Sony etc. but I only ended up finding it on Apple. I converted it to HTML with Dreamweaver to post it on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. This was my first ebook project and was just testing the Smashwords and HTML to Kindle options, which are fine for short, non-complex texts, but time-consuming. With all my knowledge of 'proper' ebook conversion now, I'd prefer to do it properly using Adobe InDesign and coding with XHTML and CSS.

Book Information

This essay explores the reason why fantasy computer games continue to use sexist stereotypes of women including scantily-clad temptresses, Amazonian warrior-princesses and evil witches. It draws a parallel between an obscure erotic fantasy novel by Lin Carter called Tara of the Twilight and the techniques still being used in modern fantasy story-telling.

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