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Funky Books

Chris Collins came to us with two gorgeously illustrated children’s books in print. The books were only available in Australia and New Zealand, so we helped Chris send them out worldwide through our Print-On-Demand program.
These books are no longer available to purchase through Australian eBook Publisher.

A Bug Called Doug

Contributors: Chris Collins (Author)
Illustrator: Megan Kitchin
Print ISBN:

About the book

It's Drew's eighth birthday and his best mate Mikey is sleeping over.
The boys are having the best day ever!
There are new toys to play with,
Yummy birthday food to eat,
Birthday games to share,
A hideous monster under the bed...
Did someone say monster?!

Discovering something under the bed, causes instant panic in the two boys.

When Mum and sister Daisy get in on the act, pandemonium erupts!

Chris Collin and Megan Kitchin (author and illustrator of the wild and whacky Funky Chicken: A Bushy Tale of Crocs and Chooks) have teamed up again to bring you this delightfully Australian romp of a story that teaches us all a gentle lesson about preconceived ideas.

Book Review

Giving Doug a voice is a clever device. This voice channels information to children about himself and other Australian native wildlife; about the land and sea, our wonderful deserts and sands, the wombats and lizards and countless other Australian animals and insects.

This is another beautifully presented book, carefully designed to engage, interest and educate children about Australian wildlife. It makes children aware of protecting all living things, and helps them understand how things are seldom how they first appear. At the end there is a whole page of information about the Giant Burrowing Cockroach which will amaze." - Kids Book Review

Funky Chicken: A Bushy Tale of Crocs and Chooks

funkhyldjfAuthor: Chris Collins
Illustrator: Megan Kitchin

About the book

According to legend,
many, many years ago
there was a great gathering of animals,
right slap bang in the middle of Australia.

You see, many of the animals felt
they were more special than all the rest.
This is the story of how they decided,
once and for all, who was the most unique.

Funky Chicken: A Bushy Tale of Crocs and Chooks is in the 2014 Premiers Challenge Reading Book List in Qld, NSW and Victoria and was shortlisted for the 2014 SPA (Speech Pathology Australia) Book of the Year Awards.


"This is an outstanding and original production. The bold coloured, vibrant illustrations are expressive and funny; I laughed my head off! With a strong message on the importance of keeping a low profile, readers will enjoy this book immensely".

—Kids Book Review

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