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Fur the Brokenhearted

Author: Nikki Catley
Epub ISBN: 978-0-6454321-3-8

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About the project
Nikki Catley first approached us about working on her book Fur the Brokenhearted in March 2022. We did a line edit on the manuscript, then did the cover design and converted it into an ebook. We then distributed it via our online distributors.

About the book
This book is for anyone who understands the immense love and joy a companion animal can bring but who may also be currently crippled by the devastating thought of beginning end of life discussions and processes. For anyone struggling to decide if the time to offer the ultimate gift of peace (euthanasia) to your fur baby is now or impending, this book may assist you in preparing the best way possible. You may never be 100% sure of your decision and that’s okay, but planning is certainly the key to the best outcome for all.

About the Author
My name is Nichole (Nikki) Catley. I have a wonderful husband and four incredible children. I have a cat named Phil and a chocolate Labrador pup named Charlie. I am the creator of Paws For Talk, a service designed to support pet parents and family through their grief of pet loss and assist in Quality Of life assessments for our fur loved ones. I have worked in the animal industry all my life and as a grief facilitator, I strive to support individuals in their darkest times of pet ownership.

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