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Love in a Duck

 Peter MacGregor James (Author)9781925271287
Ebook ISBN: 9781925271287

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Project Information

Peter’s book was supplied as a Word document, which we then applied our Designer’s Touch to. This included the picture of a car at the beginning of each chapter which gave a fun, light-hearted feel to the book. Peter wanted some of the text to be coloured within the content of the book, so careful attention was paid to getting this right. We converted the book to epub and mobi and aggregated it for Peter.

Book Information

When Davin Grey happens upon a girl in the city, it’s love at first sight. But she’s gone before he can say a word. His only clue to find her is the car she’s driving – a Citroën 2CV (aka a ‘Duck’). With the help of the girl’s 2CV mechanic and a white lie that grows to a few more, Davin manages to woo her. But lies have a tendency to unravel…

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