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Love, Shadows, and a Whole Lot of Healing: Fading Autism out of Our Lives with Homeopathy

9781925516241Author: Donna Waterman
Epub ISBN: 978-1-925516-24-1
Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925516-25-8
Ebook published date: 12 September 2016

Ebook available: This book is no longer for sale.


About the project
We created the cover design with Donna for her book, using a photograph her two sons. We then converted Donna's supplied Word document into an ebook. The ebook was then aggregated to vendors.

In addition we created a BookLink page for Donna to share her book: Donna ordered some Booklink business cards as well..

About the book
Three years ago my husband Mike, my dear sons Bayley and Jordan and I were all stuck in a very deep and dark hole. At times we had warm hands reaching down trying to help us climb out but we’d always lose our grip and fall heavily back down. Mike and I struggled with deep depression, crippling grief, stress and trauma and our sons battled every day with their crippling autism and very poor health. We were stuck, isolated, desperate and fearful for nine very long years and finally my relentless searching and praying paid off. We found Homeopathy.

I have written my book, ‘Love, Shadows, and a Whole Lot of Healing’ with great honesty, giving a very detailed picture of the darkness our family was dancing in as well as our breakthrough into the lightness that we are now dancing in. My book is not only about our very confronting yet fascinating homeopathic healing journey but more importantly, I wanted to capture how our family has slowly risen out of our hole and the gorgeous gains and gifts we have each received physically, emotionally and spiritually. Love, Shadows and a Whole Lot of Healing’ is about how our family has transformed darkness, struggles and heartbreak and our steps along the way shedding our various physical toxic weights and our very intense emotional shadows. The pages of my book capture our family holding each other’s hands tightly and gliding forwards together to not only find health but also ourselves and a deeper love and connection to each other.

Our story, our journey represents love. It represents the power of prayer and gut instincts. It represents the power of homeopathy. It represents the very sweet rewards that come with being open, honest and committed. It represents genuine and great hope for all. Our journey is an invitation to others. It’s a call for action for anyone to reach for the stars.

About the author
So who is Donna Waterman?

I am a confident, outgoing, lively, honest and fun chick that is crazy in love with her husband Mike and her two sons Bayley and Jordan. I’m a thirty nine year old lady that adores living in the country enjoying the simple yet amazing things in life. I love sitting on our front verandah looking up at the hills whilst holding my husband’s hand. I love watching movies, going op shopping, gardening and sinking my teeth into a juicy book. What I really adore is just spending time with my two babies. I love watching my sons’ smile, laugh, blossom and become their true selves. I’m a devoted mum and wife and I’m equally devoted to nurturing myself. I am quite simply happy, glowing and excited about life.

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