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Making Long Distance Travel With Your Children Enjoyable

 Melinda UysMakingLongDistance (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 9781925271607

Project Information

Our client supplied us with the manuscript in Microsoft Word format and we converted it to standard epub and mobi format. This project also included cover design where we embedded a customer-supplied photo used as part of the final design. This was a straightforward conversion as the book didn’t contain any complex formatting or images for embedding. We then distributed her ebooks to all major vendors once approved.

Book Information

Facing a long drive or an eight hour flight as a family? Hoping to make it without seriously damaging your mental health or that of your children? "Making Long Distance Travel With Your Children Enjoyable" is an informative manual designed to help parents make a road/train trip or flight fun and pleasurable, not long and boring. Clear strategies for every part of your trip, from the planning and packing stage right through to the use of games and food as ways of conducting a smooth journey are given. Age specific advice will further enable you to plan for a successful trip, with infants, toddlers, 3-12 year olds and children in their teenage years all covered in terms of strategies to use.

Travel related illnesses are also discussed with remedies and explanations of the causes given.

This is a must have for any parent trying to avoid chaos and destruction in the back seat of the car or to prevent their baby screaming across time zones on a plane. Long trips with your children can be enjoyable: read this and find out how.



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