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My Friend the Bear

Contributors: Allison Jenkinson (Author)Cover-bear
Ebook ISBN: 9781925152586
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About the project
Allison came to us with a book already designed for print. There was some issues with the files that we fixed up to allow us to aggregate to print-on-demand. Allison also took up some marketing options including a blurb edit and sales sheet.

About the book

Follow Bear through his busy day.

What does he get up to?

What does he like to eat?

Can you keep up with him?

Enjoy this fun and friendly book and meet My Friend the Bear!


The My Friend the Bear series is based on simplicity, using-repetitive words and an overlapping effect of words and sentences, to help children begin to recognise familiar words and sentences. There is a lyrical quality and great rhythm when the words are read out loud, which will enable children to remember the story.

Questions have been put in place to encourage memory and listening skills, and children learn to look through the book to find and answer the questions. Showing them these skills helps prepare them for school. The simple and clear illustrations work in conjunction with the story.

Having a bear as the main character brings a warm and friendly nature to the book while delivering an important message. Being active, eating healthy, looking after personal needs such as brushing teeth and having a bath, shows young children that looking after themselves is important.

My Friend the Bear is a delightful book and series that would appeal to toddlers, preschool aged children and early readers.

“The illustrations in the book are beautiful. The story is a great page-turner and is very clear and easy to read. The children really enjoy answering the questions.”
—Kay Harling (Director Emerald Preschool & Community Kindergarten, B. Ed Early Childhood.)

“Children listened well and were quiet during the reading of the book which is a good indication that the story is written for the right age group, 3 to 5 year olds. I liked the idea of questions, this showed comprehension skills, as the children did well answering the questions.” - Katrina Baillie (Kindergarten Teacher, B. Ed Early Childhood.)

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