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My Healing Journey

wayenbergm-bbm-innerwayenbergm-bbm-inner1Contributors: Marjolyn Wayenberg (Author)

About the project
After proofreading Marjolyn’s three books (one fiction, two non-fiction), we converted them from Word documents to epub and mobi files. There were some images and tables in the non-fiction books, so care was taken in keeping uniformity of size and quality of these images. We designed the covers in consultation with the author and are very pleased with the results.

In November/December 2014 our marketing team also ran a small campaign to promote the three books. This included:

  • ebook meta-data analysis for enhancing ebook sales
  • drafting a marketing plan
  • arranging a small no. of reviews and ads
  • designing and hosting the author’s website
  • Facebook, Goodreads and Shelfari author pages and management

wayenbergm-bbm-innerRead the Signs

Ebook available on:

Print edition available on:

About the book
Marjolyn Wayenberg, nee Terlaak, was born in the East Indies, now known as Indonesia. Her husband Robert was also born there.

Being from Dutch background, Marjolyn learned to speak English at the age of twelve and became a teacher.

While teaching and having four children, she went on to learn many healing modalities on a part-time basis.

She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 1994. Over the next decade, it became increasingly difficult to manage. It became so bad that she wished she could die until…

Marjolyn realised as time went on that the predictions her mother-in-law had made a decade earlier were starting to come to fruition. The last one being: ‘Your legs will be all right.’

Read about her journey towards healing.

wayenbergm-bbm-inner1Let Your Light Shine

Ebook available on:

Print edition available on:

About the book
As we pray, in our desperation we often ask for ‘salvation’ or a ‘miracle’ to be delivered from hardships and trials. Remember, we are part of God, and He wants us to trust that we are His, made in his image, have inherited God’s qualities and are powerful.

Rather than ask for a miracle, BE THE MIRACLE.

Continuing on from Read the Signs, this book reveals more of the story behind MarjolynWayenberg and her battle with MS. Read how her positive outlook and knowledge of spiritual healing is enabling her to cope with multiple sclerosis.

She has even tried the controversial “Bee Treatment”, allowing bees to sting her, which returned sensitivity to parts of her body that had become numb.

Marjolyn holds nothing back in her candid account of how MS has affected her body and her life. The reality may be harsh but the truth of healing will be an inspiration to you.

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