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Nine Million Lives

Contributors: Médecins Sans Frontièresebook-cover-nine-million-lives

About the project
This book was a conversion only project where we used the customer supplied pre-formatted word manuscript, cover design and images to create a nicely formatted and user friend;y ebook files.

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About the book
A boy and his mother survive his birth. Children run outside to play in the rain without fear. A little girl makes it to her second birthday. On the surface the stories in Nine Million Lives might seem quite ordinary – tales of life and hope to which all human beings can relate.

In fact, they are far from ordinary.

This emotional read gives a glimpse into a handful of the lives impacted by Médecins Sans Frontières teams. It is packed with medical action from the frontlines of crises around the world. These true stories take place in more than a dozen countries, from South Sudan to Syria, in some of the most challenging circumstances imaginable. They will leave you feeling inspired.

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