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Nutritional Healing: Young Today Young Tomorrow

EbookCover_FinalAuthor: Dr Soroush Habibi
Epub ISBN: 978-1-925516-73-9
Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925516-74-6
Ebook published date: 31 January 2017
Ebook available on:

About the project
Dr Habibi came to us wanting to convert his Word document manuscript into an ebook for release on all vendors. We were also commissioned to design the front cover with a particular brief in mind. The cover utilised imagery requested by the client while maintaining an attractive appearance.

About the book
Dr Soroush Habibi has been a practising physician for the past 31 years in Australia with a passion for nutrition, anti-ageing and disease prevention. His experience goes beyond the borders pf Australia extending to the pacific Islands and Asia. He has been practising nutritional medicine and anti-ageing medicine from within for over 20 years. He is a dynamic speaker and regularly presents seminars and workshops to doctors, companies and public on topics related to the importance of healthy living, mind power, stress management and the secrets of contentment and success.


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