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Pedal Stroke: A Bicycle and Stroke Journey

9781925516876Author: Nick Wildsmith
Epub ISBN: 978-1-925516-87-6
Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925516-88-3
Print ISBN: 978-1-925516-89-0
Print available:
Ebook available:

About the project
We created the print layout and cover design for Nick's manuscript. Once the print edition was designed we distributed it via print on demand and began developing the ebook. After conversion, we distributed the ebook to Kindle Select, later also distributing to Kobo, Google Play and iBooks.

About the book
Having left the remote area nurse profession, I realised I wanted to return to my previous travel lifestyle. The initial plan was to overland back to Europe via motorcycle which turned into a logistical nightmare and so direction and plan changed to overland through Asia via bicycle.

Then at the pinnacle of my best ever mental and physical fitness I went from being the most capable, tenacious, determined, adventurous person I knew to a brain injured, paralysed wheelchair cripple all in the space of a minute.

About the author
Having left my birth country in 1987 in the hope of finding something more meaningful than what my immediate environment could offer, my travels lead me to Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the Torres strait Islands.

Print cover
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Print layout
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Ebook layout
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