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Polly Possum and Charlie Sparkles

Contributors: Jasmine Yuen-Carrucan (Author)

cover644About the project
Australian eBook Publisher worked with InDesign layout files and images supplied by the author to produce ePub and mobi files and release them on Amazon and Apple. Jasmine Yuen-Carrucan is a talented and balanced writer/illustrator with an eye for design and a good understanding of the complexities of publishing.

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About the book
Polly Possum's dog, Charlie Sparkles, has gone missing and Polly must find him. A Polly Possum adventure available in simple English and German. Introducing Polly Possum in the first of her series of adventures as Polly Possum and her furry friends are faced with problems to be solved in fun and creative ways. the story is offered in simple english and german to educate both adults and childrens in a fun and entertaining way.

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