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Retire Alive: Preventing Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke—The Untold Story

SimpsonCover_FINALAuthor: Harley Simpson
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925516-84-5
Ebook available:

About the project
We worked with Harley on this book starting with converting his PDF manuscript back into a Word document and spent some time reformatting it before completing a proofread.

After further edits by the author, the book was ready for ebook conversion.  Prior to conversion, we designed the cover of Harley's ebook. The ebook was then converted based on the Word document and we aggregated it to Kindle (first enrolling it in Kindle Select for a period of 90 days), Kobo, iBooks and Google Play Books.

About the book
In a nutshell, 'Retire Alive' explains the general causes of cancer, heart attack and stroke, as well as diabetes and obesity. It raises the question whether what you currently eat and drink is likely to increase or decrease these problems. Nutritional supplementation is discussed, highlighting the potential pitfalls and benefits. You will find out why people gain weight, and how they can ‘lose’ it.

Lack of exercise is often suggested as a cause of our woes, especially obesity. But is it that simple? And what is the best exercise to ‘bullet-proof’ your heart and keep the weight off?

You will also discover how various toxins, or poisons, compromise your immune system, thereby increasing your risk of illness. Finally, the roles played by the medical establishment, food manufacturers, the pharmaceutical industry and health ‘authorities’ are put under the microscope.

You will realize how they might influence your health—for better and worse.

About the author
Harley Simpson has a Diploma of Teaching (Secondary.); Associateship of University of Adelaide (Physical Education). He graduated in 1971 from the University of Adelaide, where he studied Physical Education and Arts. He is a secondary-school teacher and an accredited practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Having taught health, physical education, and nutrition in South Australian secondary schools since 1972, Harley has a special interest in the relationship between modern lifestyle patterns and health. He has spent years researching the lifestyle changes that can help ‘baby-boomers’ avoid cancer, heart attack and stroke.

This book sets out his findings. Harley has also coached volleyball for more than thirty years, from school teams through to the national level. His other recreational interests include reading, golf, tennis, Tai Chi and snow skiing.

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