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The Australian Wine Guide

cover_400pxAuthor: Clive Hartley
Epub ISBN: 978-0-977591-26-8
Ebook published date: 23 March 2017

About the project
We took the printed version supplied by the customer and updated the cover design because the printed book cover didn't translate well to an ebook setting, with the heading text being too small when viewed on a small platform such as a phone or tablet. We then applied the Ebook Designer's Touch to the supplied manuscript so the book worked well in a standard (reflowing) ebook layout. This involved changing/simplifying some of the tables and images so that they were easily zoomable on devices. Once the design was complete, we did the ebook conversion and aggregated it on Apple, Kobo and Google Play.

About the book
The Australian Wine Guide 6th edition covers types and styles of wine, wine production, tasting and serving wine. It teaches you about developing your palate, interpreting a wine label and local and international wine styles. Wine and food matching and Australian geographical regions have been completely updated and expanded. Leading Australian winemakers offer their thoughts on wine regions and grape varieties. Some 3,000 wines were tasted over eighteen months for inclusion into the new edition and wines have been rated into three categories – Outstanding, Highly Recommended and Recommended; providing an essential guide for your journey into the world wine."Clive Hartley has produced an excellent book - comprehensive, easy to read,packed with information and takes a global view" Huon Hooke, Sydney Morning Herald. "The book contains an immense amount of information, augmented by strong photographic content and clear maps" James Halliday, The Australian.

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Ebook on Australian Wine-making for Students

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