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The Bible: The Big Picture

 Andrew Bawden (Author)Youth-Edition-Front-Cover-01


Project Information

This was a conversion only project which involved converting a customer supplied richly-designed 256 page book to fixed layout epub format. Additional to the standard non-enhanced versions, we also converted the manuscript to an enhanced epub that included interactive form fields allowing the user to enter text in the form and press a submit button. A tick or cross would appear to indicate whether their answer was correct. We also included a reset option for clearing the form fields. The enhanced ebook technology is continually being improved and we are always on the lookout for further updates. It is presently only supported by Apple.

Book Information

We are really glad you are coming on this journey.

For too long the Bible has been given a bad rap that it doesn’t deserve! Even though we love great stories, many people have been missing out on the best story ever told.

‘The Bible: The Big Picture’ is transforming the way the Bible is taught in schools across Australia and beyond. Produced in partnership with the Bible Society Australia, Scripture Union Victoria and endorsed by Christian Schools Australia, it is based upon the widely popular Church course.

The author, Andrew Bawden, is the Head of Biblical Studies at Waverley Christian College in Melbourne. After completing his Bachelor of Theology he was motivated to address the growing Biblical illiteracy in our culture and share his passion for the Bible’s message.

This eBook will help you break down the detailed message of the 66 books of the Bible into major events that are easy to grasp. It will help you get the ‘Big Picture’.

Each chapter will take you further on this journey with colourful graphics, opportunities for discussion as well as an honest look at what really happens in the Bible. You will see that the Bible contains some extremely graphic accounts of human depravity and many of the great heroes are flawed but through that brokenness there is hope and a King who is worthy of our trust and allegiance.

You can ask your big questions in this course. What is the point of talking about the Bible if you can’t be honest about what you’re thinking!

At the very least, we hope that at the end of this journey you will see that the Bible tells one amazing, epic story; a story which invites you to come and take your place in it.

You never know, you might even find that your journey through this course draws you closer to the person the Bible is all about — Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

May his story transform yours!


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