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The Bush Fairy Collection

Contributors: Warren Purnell (author), Glen Holman (illustrator)

About the Project
Warren Purnell approached us with his first book, Dudley the Lucky Duck from his children's series The Bush Fairy Collection. Our Illustrator, Glen Holman designed the front cover and internal book illustrations including images and captions. Once this was approved, we formatted the manuscript and organised the printing through our Print on Demand service. Once we completed the printing part of the project, we then began the ebook conversion phase, making the book design as close as possible to the print layout. We also aggregated the ebook to the major vendors.

cover-dudley-the-lucky-duckBook 1—Dudley the Lucky Duck

Epub ISBN: 9781925427455
Mobi ISBN:
Print ISBN:
Published Date: 
27 November 2014
Ebook available:

This title is no longer available

About the book

Dudley is an adventurous duck who is looking for a new home. When he finds a beautiful waterhole filled with lilies who invite him to stay, he thinks he’s found the perfect place.

But he wonders why no other ducks live in this quiet spot. His mother always told him to listen to his instincts. Is there something lurking beneath the water?

Dudley the Lucky Duck is a delightful story for children aged three to five years.



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Coming soon!

Book 2: Kenny the Blind Kangaroo
Book 3: Dun Thomas Monty
Book 4: Coming Soon
Book 5: Coming Soon



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