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The Dream Life of Debris: A Journey from Trauma to Healing

9781925635423Author: Peter J Fox
Epub ISBN: 978-1-925635-42-3
Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925635-43-0
Ebook available
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About the project
Peter's book project started with line editing. Once he had been through our changes and updated the manuscript, we did a further proofread.

Peter worked with our marketing team on Marketing Stage 1 Package . From this, we developed the blurb, and created a cover with impact, as well as finalising the metadata for publication.

We applied our Ebook Designer's Touch™ to the ebook and converted it ready for vendors. Once Peter was happy, we uploaded the book to our usual vendors.

About the book
Twelve-year-old Paul loves to walk the train tracks of suburban Adelaide. One day as he’s walking with his faithful Jack Russell, he witnesses something he doesn’t understand. He buries the memory deep in his subconscious, choosing instead to dwell on dreams.

As an adult, his memory comes rushing back and Paul has to confront the demons of his past, as he relives memories of how the principal of his school took special care of him, loving him in a way that his distant father never had. But that love turned out to be far more sinister.

Can Paul reveal these memories to the investigative team? Can he expose his wounds to his wife and fix their marriage? Will remembering the secrets heal him?


About the author
Peter J Fox is a writer, visual artist and for a time a Playback Theatre actor and director. He was a victim of child sexual abuse and delivered his testimony in two public hearings of the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. He has worked as a clinical psychologist for over forty years specialising in trauma and relationships. This work of autobiographical fiction draws from evidence at the hearings and grew from his experiences as a survivor-witness and a trauma specialist.

Ebook layout

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Book Marketing
Peter Fox obtained some local media coverage from the community radio station Bay FM. Listen to Peter in this podcast of an interview about his life and the novel:

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