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The Light Heart of Stone

Tor Roxburgh (Author)

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Australian eBook Publisher worked with the InDesign layout files to produce ePub and mobi files the author could self-publish. Tor Roxburgh is a pleasant and professional writer with excellent attention to detail, so the conversion project went smoothly with just the right balance of give and take.

Book Information

When rocks no longer speak clearly and the bounty of the Indidjiny homeland begins to wither in the fields, 11-year-old Fox and the 84-year-old Oak Companion meet under the canvas roof of a testing tent. A blood touch, a jolt of raw talent and Fox is wrenched from her family, forcibly adopted into the famous Oak clan, and thrust into the slow culture of the city of Komey. Fox’s adoption should signal a life of bound motherhood, but nothing is as it seems. The Companionaris’ ability to grow plants and breed animals is failing, a murderous ambition has been sparked and must be stopped, and there is a stirring of old magic in the air.

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