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The Templars

James Swinton (Author)

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This ebook was converted from Word to ePub and Mobi by our team and published by Australian eBook Publisher. The cover design was fairly straightforward, using an image which James supplied. It was a pleasure to work with James and his book certainly looks like an interesting read.

Book Information

It is 1119 and Guy de Guise has left his family home in Burgundy for the first time to attend university in Paris. He goes with the intention of studying to become a priest, however, Guy has desire to do more with his life than join the clergy. Unsure about what to do, he sets out for Paris where his life takes a dramatic change when he meets a fellow student and together they realise that they share the same ambitions. They learn, through one of their tutors, of an expedition going to Jerusalem and very soon they find themselves taking the vows of a monk and journeying across the Mediterranean on the way to the recently recaptured holy city. On arrival upon the holy shores, Guy soon finds the adventure he had so long desired as his group of warrior monks find themselves fighting for their own lives as well as for the protection of others.

Guy soon discovers there is more to Jerusalem than pilgrims, as the group’s mission also takes on a twist after a meeting with the king and an excavation of the Temple of Solomon. A quest for holy relics quickly becomes the real reason why the Templars have made a journey to Jerusalem.

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