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Thinkers Keys

Contributors: Tony Ryan (Author)
Ebook available on:

Print available on: amazon

About the project
Using the client-supplied pdf of the interior and the cover we converted this book to a reflowing epub and mobi. There were approximately 50 images, some pull quotes and approximately 40 tables. It involved making some of the tables into images that were able to be double tapped and zoomed in on. We managed to get the book looking great as a reflowing ebook, rather than a fixed layout—this was because we didn’t want the reader to have to scroll and zoom constantly to be able to read the large amounts of text. It ended up looking great as a reflowing ebook and the client was happy with the final result. We then uploaded to Apple, Amazon, Kobo, Nook and Google Play.

About the book
The Thinkers Keys are 20 powerful strategies for teaching children to think. Specifically designed to be used by 8 to 14 year-olds, they are placed into two general groups:

1. Purple Keys (the 10 critical thinking strategies). For research, for organising yourself, for the development of action plans, for reflection.

2. Orange Keys (the 10 creative thinking strategies). For generating all-new ideas, for pushing the limits of your creativity, for seeing things very differently

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