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Why Your Boss Can’t Help You – Career Alignment for Greater Success and Happiness


Author: Ian D Boreham
Epub ISBN: 978-0-6480615-0-2
Mobi ISBN: 978-0-6480615-1-9
PDF ISBN: 978-0-6480615-2-6

About the project
We converted a <50,000 word Microsoft Word document to epub and mobi as well as created a Print Ready PDF.

About the book

The world of career advice and job-search just got a whole lot more useful and practical with this sure to be bestseller that provides a proven strategy for finding a career and job that can deliver lasting success and happiness. With people set to change jobs more frequently in the future there is an urgent need to help people find the right career and job fast. The problem is that the statistics on employee happiness and engagement aren't showing any improvement. A new approach is needed; one that can deliver lasting success and happiness. Ian D Boreham has created this super-practical, step by step guide to help you find a career and job that is aligned to your strengths, values and preferences. Fed up with the shortcomings of some of today's supposed 'world leading' career books, this book leaps ahead beyond simple self-analysis and provides actuals tools and techniques to find the right role and career and help you make the tough decisions to move forwards. The book comes with 6 fully automated tools from the site to help you on your journey to a more meaningful and high performance career.


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