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As someone new to writing a book, I lacked knowledge and understanding of the industry and what I actually needed to do to get my book published. The service I have received from Lynne and James who manage my account has been fantastic. They allow me to make decisions whilst providing high level expert advice. I am very grateful for the support and service received to date. In particular, for anyone out there looking to publish a book, I would recommend doing it through Australian eBook Publishing. And a handy tip, take advantage of their service offering for the Marketing Analysis & Action Plan process. Without this, I'd be lost. The insight and ideas have steered me in the direction I needed to go to share my book with people out there in the big, wide world.—Steven T.J. Steel, author of Captain’s Deck: Everyday Management Ideas to Steer Your Business

“It could have been a nightmare trying to self-publish my novel, but working with the highly professional and experienced team at Publish My Book Online sure made it a lot easier. The finished product is still very much my own, but I'm sure it's a lot more polished than I could ever have achieved without their help.”—Chris Robbins, author of Drowning in a Sea of Duplicity

“Thank you once again for the professional service that you and your team provided throughout the publication. It was a painless and smooth process. Will recommend you to anyone without a second thought.”—R. Bezuidenhout, author of Run to Fail

Feedback on our Book Marketing Services

“I am happy I have chosen your company to go through this process with me. You are all impressively professional, service focused and easy to deal with. I am really impressed with the Marketing doc.”—Stephen Wallis, author of Spiritual Survival Guide

“Thanks to your advice, I now write to every reviewer to repost their reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, about 75% do it. This has now got my Goodreads text reviews to 90 reviews and my reviews over 80 [in the USA].”—Luke Gracias, author of The Devil's Prayer (read more about his genuine book review strategy on our blog)

“I would like to take this opportunity to praise and recommend … Australian eBook Publisher, for the magnificent marketing services … provided to me.

Australian eBook Publisher’s work on publishing my ebook exceeded my expectations when I took up their marketing service offer. Making potential readers aware of the novel and my story was crucial after the ebook became available. A comprehensive social media approach, right through to spreading the word to a larger audience, using [their] media release and other professional tools was very reassuring.

“Having an article in my local newspapers (Blacktown SUN) and being interviewed by a major Sydney AM radio station (2CH 1170) was amazing. Overall, I have seen a marked increase in traffic on all my social media platforms and an increase interest to my ebook thanks to [Austrailan eBook Publisher’s] efforts. The service that [they] provided me was both effective and a great deal. I am very pleased with my marketing services and highly recommend this service.”—Arthur Bozikas, author of Bang and Burn

“I wrote my book, I enjoyed that. Marketing it was another matter. Luckily I found Australian eBook Publisher. They understand this world of potential and possibilities and calmly and efficiently guide one through unfamiliar territory. They know what opportunities exist and how to make the most of them, suggesting ways to take advantage of and make the most of the various openings out there. I’m really glad to have their expertise and experience to help me navigate my way through the marketing world.”—Victoria Capper, author of Opal Ridge

“I have been extremely happy with the marketing work … The blurb is a big improvement on the draft I did. I am particularly pleased with the advice regarding the cover. It is a radical change and should maximise the prospect of sales.”—Stephen Lucas, author of A Traumatic Birth

“I found Australian eBook Publisher very helpful in putting together the blurb for my ebook. They expressed the aim of the book in a way that was just right [and] very cleverly captured what I was trying to say. The world of ebooks was entirely new to me, and I appreciated [the] patience and understanding. And for me the lesson has been to let an expert write the blurb.”—Murray Marks, author of Jesus The Son of the Living God

“I’m not saying that writing a book is easy, but once that part is done there is much more work, to make people aware that it exists, so that they can buy it!

“After deciding to have Australian eBook Publisher publish Now that I’m Sixty, I knew, that one of the areas where I really needed help, was with marketing. While I know a bit about marketing, the bit that I know has nothing to do with books, especially ebooks! I decided to use the Australian eBook Publisher’s Marketing Stage One process. I now have a thorough, well thought out and clear set actions to increase the awareness of “Now that I’m Sixty”, that should lead to increased sales.”—A. Mary Smith, Author of Now that I’m Sixty

“I enjoyed our conversations and working with you. I found your approach very professional and encouraging. I now have a much better idea of ways to market my book and the particular steps involved and better understanding of the processes.”—Maureen Cashman, author of Charlie and Me in Val-Paradis

"The pamphlets have arrived and Australian eBook has done a wonderful job. Thank you very much, they are excellent. It was a good project."—Malcolm Cameron, author of Mathematics the Truth

Feedback on our Customer Service

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done so far—you’ve been a patient and kind lovely person to deal with and I feel so lucky, and that includes the divine Amanda who has also been professional and helpful.”—A.J. Ryan, author of Ripple

"Thank you so very much for your prompt responses and all your generous guidance through the entire process!"—R. Ryan, author of Conversations on a Train

Feedback on our Print and Ebook Design Services

“A lot of people have enjoyed the book and I have had some positive reviews. I have found the whole process of writing, illustrating and self-publishing very rewarding! Shortly I will be doing the audio book. I have another book in the pipeline already! Thank you to you and your fabulous staff for making my dream a reality.”—R. Macindoe, author of The Toorak Jackpot

“I [am] grateful … for all your assistance and making it so easy [to publish my book in print and as an ebook]. … I would highly recommend anyone wishing to have a book published to chat to you guys. You are so professional, service was excellent and for first timers like myself, you made a seemingly very daunting experience so easy to follow. I cannot thank you enough for assisting me in making a dream become a reality.

“When I do write another book, which I am considering, I would not go anywhere else. At any opportunity, I will happily promote you guys :-)”—Christine Durrant, Author of My Life With a German Shepherd

“Thank you, Amanda. Your team did a great job with the project. I'm very happy with the final product (e-book and hard copy)."—Tim Wilke, Author of Look Inside and 100 Tips to Being a Great Leader

"I was impressed by the professionalism of the team at Australian eBook Publisher through each stage of the publishing process of both my print book and ebook. Communication was regular and any questions that I had were readily answered. I’m pleased with both the print and ebook versions of my book."—Maria Pantalone, author of Success Talks

“Wow! Well after a long, exciting, at times overwhelming but most importantly rewarding- I am a published author. The feeling of being able to get your message on print (or tablet) and out into the world is phenomenal! No matter what happens beyond this point, my heart felt message is out there :)

“I would love to thank Australian eBook Publisher for making my first publication a huge success and a smooth, enjoyable journey! Amanda, Julia and all the staff I was in regular contact with made this journey an amazing and rewarding experience! I can now appreciate the extensive amount of work required to publish a book, beyond the actual completion of the manuscript! I could not have done it without you guys :)

“I would defiantly recommend Australian eBook Publisher to anyone wishing to get their first publication out into the world, right through to the seasoned professional. Australian eBook Publisher know their stuff! I would defiantly use them again (and already have some ideas in mind!)”
Steve Hord, Author of FIFO: There's a Healthier Way

“Thank you so much for your help. You and your team have done an amazing job with the ebook. I love how it looks and how simple and easy it is to view on the iPad as well on iBook[s] on the iPhone. It has always been a dream of mine to share my love of healthy food with others and wouldn't have done it without your help. You have been very honest with your work as well as patient since the beginning.

“The work you did for both Jason and I [on Poisonous Secrets and Baal Belbora] was excellent and frankly I had been trawling through prospective publishers for about two years, most of whom were overseas and I didn't like anything they suggested or promised.

“Eventually made the decision to only consider an Australian publisher with whom you could have a face to face with, as we did.So glad I did that everything you promised was realised, and the quality couldn’t have been bettered. I have a box of 'paperbacks’ and will send you one. The artwork and colours you chose make it very eye-catching and I have been told by those who have bought or been given the book that it is a quality production.”—A. Blomfield.

“I’ve worked with Australian eBook Publisher on two projects now. The first was the conversion of my print novel Perfect Mercy to an ebook. This went so well, I decided to use their services on another project. Sharnai managed the design and set up of Love, Justice as an ebook and print. I sent photos and text to her, and shortly after, the cover design arrived in my inbox. With only a couple of tweaks, I was very happy with the design.

“Over the next few months, Sharnai worked with me to get the books into publication with Australian eBook Publisher publishing the ebook version and Beautiful Books the print version.

“The benefit of working with Australian eBook Publisher is that they do all the back end work involved in getting your ebook onto major platforms and dealing with the business end of things. My ebooks are now on all these platforms and I’m very happy with the result. The print service was excellent and I was very happy with the quality of the work.

“Amanda Greenslade oversees the whole thing and has proved to be professional and easy to contact. They give you all the information and quotes you need upfront so you know where you stand. I found them to be flexible when I needed changes and fair in all my dealings with them. If you’re looking for a supportive and professional company to work with to make your projects come to life, give Australian eBook Publisher a try.”—Elaine Fraser, author of Perfect Mercy and Love, Justice

“I appreciate everything you did in putting this project together for me and the final product is amazing. I'm very satisfied with the book and so grateful for your expertise and professionalism. I’ve never done anything like this before and to see it all come together, and to have the book in my hands is surreal.”—Bill Fischer

“You have done a wonderful job on Treason … If you would like me to recommend your work, I would give it many stars. Also I would like to congratulate you on your cover design. It was in keeping with the period and was interesting. We got a lot of good feedback about the cover. Top service and reasonably priced.”—Kate Simpson, author of Treason of the Clerks

Feedback on our Ebook Publishing Services

“When we decided to finally join the 21st century, we faced a fairly daunting task of converting our existing documentation from our existing formats into new epub formats. After having a short lived attempt of trying to convert in house, we decided to get some help, and Australian Ebook Publisher really stood out from the rest. They were extremely friendly, help[ed] us sort out what we wanted to do and how to do it and then did a great job at a very competitive price. We would not hesitate to recommend Australian Ebook Publisher to anyone, and plan to use them again for any future conversion needs.”—Daniel Richards, Extend Training.

“I'm very impressed with the professionalism of Australian eBook Publisher and especially with your assistance over the journey.”—Peter T.

“After years of trying to find a literary agent and traditional publisher for my novel, I am very glad that I got Australian eBook Publisher to create a professional ebook along with a great cover. They distributed it to Amazon, Google Play, Kobo and Apple iTunes. They kept me informed all the way and finished the job ahead of schedule. I plan to get them to convert another book, a non-fiction one with about 100 illustrations, into an ebook later in 2014.”—Chris Pearce, author of A Weaver’s Web

“As a complete novice to e-publishing, I found your service extremely helpful and always professional, courteous and patient – communications were excellent and there were no rude shocks or let-downs. I feel very confident in recommending you to any authors wanting to e-publish their books; my next books will certainly be published by you!”—LynMiller, author of BLUE and North of Himal

“Thanks again for your help and work on the ebook. It has been a daunting task for both Tom and I and your help and advice made the process easier. There is a lot to learn and understand in doing an ebook and we could not have done it so successfully without your input, advice and patience!”—Julie-Ann Petterson, author of G.I.F.T Godly Insights for Today

“I’ve read the item on Kindle. I’m absolutely thrilled to bits with it – even with too few illustrations. Honestly, ebook publication has been a wondrous learning curve to negotiate. I’m more than happy to recommend Australian eBook far and wide. I’m quite happy, relieved and excited that Dilys Williams (Open Door) is now on ‘cyber exhibition.”—John Williams, author of Open Door

“I've been more than happy with everything Australian eBook Publisher has done for me over the past 6 months. I especially appreciate your patience during the extensive journey in getting Borrowed Time to where it is! So, personally, I thank you, Glen :)”—Simon Kirk, author of Borrowed Time

“I've been fortunate in that I've had a range of publishers both in Australia and in China, the US and the Czech Republic but I've decided to handle my own titles from now on and ebooks are a part of this plan. I'm very happy with your accurate and prompt delivery of each of my ebook conversions … I coach writers from time to time and I'll offer your details to future writers who may be interested in listing their titles as ebooks. I also speak at festival[s] an[d] in bookstores regularly and when I give talks to aspiring writers I'll offer your details on request. [Working with Australian eBook Publisher is] a low risk way for writers to be published without a big investment or a publisher.”—Paul Fenton-Smith, author of 12 Paths to Fulfilment, Finding Your Soul Mate and A Secret Door to the Universe

“I have been most impressed with Australian eBook Publisher throughout the whole process of publishing my book. Amanda and Julia were unfailingly friendly, supportive and honest, and their expertise was obvious at every stage. In relation to the book's external and internal design, Julia's artistic ability was wonderful, as was her positive approach to turning my (sometimes vague) ideas into reality. It was a pleasure working with such a skilful and cooperative person”—Cramb P, author of The lady with the interest in dental technology

"Not every ebook publisher in Australia has the experience and knowledge to publish a book like this. I was very pleased to find a publisher in Queensland like you with this experience and knowledge. I certainly made the right choice."—Fred Beckett, author of Where the Wattle Blooms

“Wow—thanks Australian eBook Publisher. I really appreciate you going the extra mile to get this uploaded for me, I hope that you didn't have to stay too late, that's amazing customer service....I can't thank you enough for making my first publishing experience pain free.... it was surprisingly easy—mostly because you were very responsive to my queries.”—L. Everest, author of Surviving Total Knee Replacement Surgery

“Your professionalism has been amazing. Love you all and again thank you so so much for all the work you all have done for me.”—L. Benigno, author of Beauty Beyond Darkness

“I highly recommend Australian eBook Publisher to anyone looking to convert a book manuscript into a functional ebook format. Our project was a 700-page reference textbook with a complex layout that included mathematical formulae, large tables, photos, images and text. Australian eBook Publisher converted our print-ready files into a re-flowing ePub file with a similar look and feel to our printed book. Amanda and Julia worked closely with me to devise optimal solutions for several complex tables and images to enable these elements to be accurately displayed in the final product. We were very happy with the end result.
Claire Antrobus, Senior Project Officer, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
Regarding Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary and Handbook (APF23)

“I self-published my novel in print but was urged to put it on ebook. I did a workshop; I searched the internet and approached some advertisers to no avail, I still found it a little frustrating and not as easy as I was led to believe. After 18 months, I saw an advertisement in the QWC [Queensland Writers Centre] magazine for Australian eBook Publisher. From then on it was plain sailing. I presented my manuscript and my own book cover; I was given a schedule of processes and time frames and hey presto! My novel is now an ebook. What a relief! I was informed at each step and the quote came within the bounds of my limited funds. I have no hesitation in recommending Australian eBook Publisher.”—Maureen Jefferies, author of Across the Water

“I have been nothing less than impressed by the professionalism – the efficiency and customer care provided by Australian eBook Publisher to have my ebook published and submitted to the various ebook websites. I would highly recommend their services to anyone thinking or proceeding with ebook publishing and would also state that their advice and guidance have been invaluable to a successful outcome.

“P.S – have a chat with Glen Holman and be pleasantly surprised and note the extra mile he will undertake with a smile on his face to ensure customer satisfaction…”—Maximiliaan, author of The Concise Manual for Ultimate Success in your Sales Career

“Being a first time author, I was a little nervous on how I would go. Then deciding who I wanted to publish my book. I am so happy I published with Australian eBook Publisher. The team were very informative, supportive and creative with my project and the final result of my book Julz's Kitchen was just what I was looking for. I cannot wait to start book 2 now and work with the ‘A’ team again as the whole transaction from start to finish was a very stress free and pleasurable experience.”—Julie Clark, author of Julz's Kitchen

Australian eBook Publisher have been very helpful with my first ebook project. The staff are professional with attention to detail and offer constructive feedback and suggestions for a quality result.”—Graeme Riley, author of The Thirty Minute Practicum Guide for Young Undergraduates

"I have really appreciated your support with my book, Amanda. I'm sure your other clients are of the same opinion. Quality professionalism is never in over supply, neither is generosity of spirit. You have both."—Henry Grossek, radio announcer and author of Game On: Building the Education Revolution

“I had my first eBook published by Amanda's company Australian eBook Publisher. The experience was very positive, professional, and productive. I am happy to highly recommend Amanda to anyone looking to publish online.”—Dr Christiaan Willems, author of The Stylised Version of You.

“Amanda and staff promised a professional publishing service, and delivered on time and to a very high standard.”—Angela B, author of Poisonous Secrets and Baal Belbora

“Dear Amanda and Julia, I am now seeing some results of the placing of my book, in ebook format and I am pleased at the book’s appearance and presentation on Amazon/Kindle and Google Play. Several years ago when I was in the UK I purchased some items from Amazon using my Australian Visa card with the result that now, when ever I quote my Email address to Amazon they immediately connect me to their UK store. I now see the book listed and priced for the UK market when I look it up on Kindle and it is well displayed and priced at £3.25. I do not know if any copies of the book will ever sell or not, (We will have to wait and see.) but I am pleased with the way you have presented the book on their UK web site.”—Geoff P, author of Heroes or Villains

“I recently converted my hard copy publication into an ebook, engaging the services of Australian eBook Publisher. They were extremely professional and thorough throughout the process, providing me with timely advice on options and this included advice and assistance on uploading my publication onto international websites. I would strongly recommend anyone considering an ebook publication or conversion to contact Australian eBook Publisher, for a straight-forward and stress-free experience. I most certainly will be using them again.”—Helen F, author of Just a Number

“My client is happy with the ebook—thank you for your efforts. It’s been a good educational experience for me as this was my first ebook.”—D. Gollasch

“Thank you for your work today. I got home and had an email from Kindle to say that the book was available. That was remarkably quick. You must have done a remarkable job. I’m very grateful. Thank you Amanda.” —Duncan Maclean (We provided editing, ebook design and publishing consultation for Conscious Universe).

“I have produced several ebooks with the help of Amanda Greenslade and the team at Australian eBook Publisher. Without exception they have done what they said they would, when they would. But they do more, they have repeatedly gone out of their way to be of assistance and made themselves available out of normal hours to assist me in producing our books and have shown great understanding as we have gone through the learning curve of e-publishing and helped avoid the numerous traps for new players.

“So thanks to everyone atAustralian eBook Publisher. I look forward to a long and successful working relationship and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Australian eBook Publisher to anyone.”—Dr Stephen Hardy, author of The Silent Threat Managing Director, Promoting Good Health Pty Ltd

Being referred to Australian eBook Publisher was an answer to a girl’s prayers. After trying to navigate the ebook world solo and becoming very frustrated, their professionalism and expertise resulted in my two books going online quickly and seamlessly. I highly recommend their services.”—K.H.

“[I] am happy with the job you've done for me. I intend to recommend you to everyone I come across, because you could not have done a better job of the book, and you put up with my lack of technology and expertise with total professionalism.”—Eddie Lacinski, author of Two Aussies in Commo Poland 1976-1979

“From the outset of my dealings with Australian Ebook Publisher, Amanda Greenslade, Julia Lefik and the team l have been very happy and satisfied. They have provided me with a very professional and efficient service and exceeded all my expectations. They were always available to answer all my questions within quick time frames. I was most impressed with their delivery and production of my Ebook.”—Francine Smith, author of The Dragonfly Who Lost A Wing But Could Still Fly

Feedback on our Editing Services

“Australian eBook Publisher were fantastic in all aspects of the publishing journey, from editing through to cover design.”—Michelle Montebello, author of Interwoven.

“Thank you so much for all of your feedback! I just read through the manuscript assessment, it's fantastic being able to get an objective opinion and constructive criticism, I appreciate it very much.”—S.K. Levy, author of Reigntime

“I have all but completed the changes, I accept them all and am impressed with the detail of your work.”—Harvey F, author of The Tiger Tea Club

“I just want to say Thank You. This book, which is predominantly a diary written by a mother to her daughter, was written by me (a male). Your insights have added at lot to making it more feminine and bringing it to life. Your personalised attention to detail has not gone unnoticed. … I am very pleased with what you have done.”—Luke Gracias, author of The Devil’s Prayer

“What you do is very professional. It’s spot on. I'm happy if you're happy with the result. Thank you for your fine effort in producing the best product you possibly could. There was a problem and you didn't let it go through ... well done.”—A. Campbell, author of The Bromley Bear Series and The Long Weekend

Hello, my name is D.J. Wu (Wutosama) and I am the author of Metaworld Chronicles on Royal Road. I engaged Lynne Stringer from Australian Ebook Publisher for the first volume of my novel, totalling 160,000 words. Throughout the process, Lynne has been professional and wonderful, providing an upfront cost, clarified the process of editing, and offered a clear timeline for delivery of an annotated, proofed manuscript. As for the result itself, I am very happy with the outcome, as Lynne had drastically improved the consistency of my craft, taught me arcane grammatical rules, provided guidance on language for my international readership, and pointed out the narrative shortfalls. I look forward to working with Lynne and Ebook Australia in the future for my future volumes as well!”—D.J. Wu, author of Metaworld Chronicles.

Feedback on our Print on Demand Projects Services

"Australian eBook Publisher have published two books for me now. Each time it was a seamless collaboration between myself and the designer. I was glad for professional advice given while still being fully in control of the project. This was due largely to timely communication and commitment to deadlines. I'm very happy with the result and have no hesitation in recommending the team to a first time or seasoned author."—Anya Nielsen, author of An Unexpected Fork in the Road

“Thank you, Australian eBook Publisher. I am delighted with the quality of the print edition of my novel, Beast-speaker. The service that Amanda and her team provide is exceptional: friendly, helpful and everything is delivered within the promised time-frame. The print on demand package is easy and affordable, and I highly recommend it to anyone considering publishing with Australian eBook Publisher.”—W. A. Noble, author of Beast-speaker

“Thank you for helping me realise my dream. My book, When Lollipop Ladies Attack!, came up beautifully. The designer was so easy to work with and always willing to hear my opinions and make changes, and the whole experience has been very satisfying. The Print on Demand option is surprisingly affordable and gives a self-published author the opportunity to see themselves in print at a very reasonable cost.”—Vicki Englund, author of When Lollipop Ladies Attack!

"Thank you so much for your support and efforts during this time. We really appreciate it and would never have realised our goal of launching our book without your help. Thank you..."—Abrams & Elliott, authors of the Inveiglement series

Book Marketing

Customer Feedback

"I have really appreciated your support with my book, Amanda. I'm sure your other clients are of the same opinion. Quality professionalism is never in over supply, neither is generosity of spirit. You have both."—Henry Grossek, radio announcer and author of Game On: Building the Education Revolution

"Thank you, Australian eBook Publisher. I am delighted with the quality of the print edition of my novel, Beast-speaker. The service that Amanda and her team provide is exceptional: friendly, helpful and everything is delivered within the promised time-frame. The print on demand package is easy and affordable, and I highly recommend it to anyone considering publishing with Australian eBook Publisher."—W. A. Noble, author of Beast-speaker

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