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23 August 2018
Who's going to take over the distribution of books and ebooks from Dennis Jones & Associates?

Amanda Greenslade, publishing consultant and editor

Are you an author or publisher affected by the voluntary liquidation of Australia's biggest book wholesaler, Dennis Jones & Associates this month? PublishMyBook.online would like to give you the opportunity to find out how to sell your ebook directly to Amazon and Apple without needing a middle-man aggregator or wholesaler, which keeps a percentage of your hard-earned sales.


1 June 2018
Grammar Poem

A noun is a specific name like ‘dog’, ‘cat’, ‘phone’ or ‘Tim’.
Pronouns are more general terms: ‘it’, ‘her’, ‘us’ and ‘him’.


29 April 2018
Ten Habits of a Successful Author
Written by Lynne (editor)

You’ve thought of a story idea. You know it will work and you think it’s fresh and interesting and the reading public will adore it! You’re ready to sit down and start writing.

But wait! If you’re truly looking for literary success you need to go about this the right way, and that starts before you write a word.


12 February 2018
Ebook Conversion Australia—The Way to Go!
Written by Lynne (editor)

When ebooks first came on the scene, everyone wondered if they were a fad that would quickly fade. While the publishing business is ever-changing, it looks like ebooks will be a part of it for a while to come.


15 December 2017
What will it be like doing business with Amazon Australia?
by Amanda Greenslade,

Here at Australian Ebook Publisher, we've been doing business with Amazon for six years, and we are glad to see them finally opening up a physical presence in Australia. So you might be wondering what the situation has been for the past six years.


26 August 2017
Title Case

You may have seen something called ‘title case’. Depending on what generation you grew up in, title case is quite strictly to capitalise the first word and all important words in a title.


25 August 2017
How to format a Word document ready for an ebook conversion house
by Amanda Greenslade

Using an ebook conversion house like Australian eBook Publisher is a good idea if you care about the appeal and professionalism of your final epub and mobi files. Authors who DIY often make the mistake of using a meat-grinder (ebook conversion software) and skip out the vital steps needed before and after using conversion software to ensure good ebook files are the result.


16 August 2017
To DIY or Not to DIY in Self-publishing

With the information age upon us, keyboard warriors around the world can easily find out that there is more than one way to release a new book for sale. Whether print or ebook, there are multiple pathways, which can be broken into three main categories:


10 August 2017
Why should I use an ebook aggregator?
by Amanda Greenslade

This article was written by an Australian, for Australians, but it could be relevant to indie authors worldwide.

'Aggregator' means an intermediary that brings things together. In this case, we distribute ebooks to vendors like Apple, Amazon, Kobo, GooglePlay and EBSCO for authors and publishers that don't want to go directly to the vendors. Read more about our Australian ebook aggregation service.


29 July 2017
Interactive ePub or Interactive PDF?

When you have a book you wish to distribute to your own members or subscribers, and the content is complex or heavy, it may be appealing to consider ways of making it more interactive.

Let's say you have a book designed on A4 pages with about 50% in columns of text and 50% images and very detailed graphs.


29 June 2017
How to Handle Cross-references in Publishing

A cross reference is something like ‘See page 10’ or ‘See Ingredients section’, and with reflowing ebooks these should be hyperlinked rather than referring to page numbers. The reason for this is that a reflowing ebook doesn't have any fixed page numbers as such. The 'page number' displayed by any particular app will change depending on the choices of the user, including font, text size, orientation of device (are they holding it in portrait or landscape?) and what device the ebook is being read on.


15 June 2017
Can self-publishing be successful?

Amanda Greenslade, Director, Australian eBook Publisher

Success means different things to different people. Simply having some readers, leaving behind a legacy, seeing an ebook for sale or holding the book in print satisfies many indie authors.


13 May 2017
Why Does My Ebook Look Bad in Desktop E-reading Software?

This article is for authors and publishers, however it may also be of some help to a frustrated reader.

For Readers of Ebooks
Readers should contact the publisher when an ebook is not functioning as expected. Sometimes it's not possible to develop for all possible apps and devices that can open ebooks, but the publisher of the book should be interested in your experience and feedback.


5 April 2017
How to take photographs for a cookbook

What kind of publishing arrangement
The first thing to decide is whether you are going to self-publish or approach an agent with the cookbook you have written.

If you're planning to attempt an agent, you will not need photos to go with your text. A publisher would want to have these done by a professional photographer, in a manner that suits the marketing strategy for the book, the art director and the graphic designer.


17 March 2017
Will fancy formatting improve my chances of publication?

As an editor who sometimes works on manuscripts that are intended for traditional publishing, my role includes educating writers about the publishing industry. I am sometimes asked questions that reveal a lack of experience and knowledge about traditional publishing.


14 December 2016

Protect My Book Title

Amanda Greenslade
I have been asked recently if there is a way, under Australian law, to protect an author's book title, cover design and major headings and concepts in a book plan (book not yet written) to prevent other people stealing their ideas and terms. I will write about this author as "Jan".


24 November 2016

Worldwide Book Marketing for Horror Novel

Every book is different, but with the power and popularity of websites like Amazon, it is clear that the humble book review is as important as ever. Not many self-published authors can gain the prestigious sort of book reviews you may have heard of like the New York Times Bestseller list. Read How to get good professional book reviews.


20 November 2016

Should I release a US English Edition of my Australian Book?

Many of our customers, who are marketing savvy, understand that the USA is a much bigger market for ebooks than Australia. First of all America has ten times the population of Australia. Secondly, consumers in the USA tend to be ahead of Australian consumers in terms of new technology uptake. Thirdly, they are said to be more enthusiastic—less apathetic—than Australians in general, so are arguably a better market for some books, such as self-help, new age, philosophy, sociology etc.


19 November 2016

Local Professional Service

Why choose an Australian book designer employed by an Australian book publishing service?

Before deciding what book designer is right for you, ask yourself what the value of having local professional service is.


16 November 2016

The Proliferation of PDF

By Amanda Greenslade

In this modern era most westerners have heard of PDF. We see them on websites with the little red and white icon. They're often full of free fact sheets that can be read on screen or printed on an A4 sheet of paper. They usually work on any computer or device.

But what is a PDF? And when it comes to professional publishing, what do writers and project managers need to know about the different kinds of PDFs and what they contain? How can they be used as ebooks for sale?


10 November 2016

Zoom Zoom Kindle Fixed Layout!

2016 saw the rise of Kindle Textbook format, which finally resolves the lack of "pinch and zoom" with Kindle fixed layout ebooks. Except it doesn't work on all devices.

Amazon Kindle have stated to us that the Kindle Textbook format is for textbooks and other educational material for Fire tablets, iPad, Android tablets and phones, Mac, and PC. Kindle Textbook books let students use Kindle reading features like highlighting, notebook, flash cards, dictionary look-up and more.


28 September 2016

Customer happy with printed books from Singapore

Australian eBook Publisher
A humongous congratulations to Jan Leader and Graeme Mitchell who have just picked up 2000 copies of their book "Anne Threw a Streamer", which the team here had the privilege to edit, design and print, and convert and distribute to e-book vendors..


13 September 2016

Is there a classification system for books?
by Amanda Greenslade

I sometimes get asked this question by people in the film and television industry starting out in self-publishing. The answer is not in Australia, no. When there is explicit content in a book, there are often 18+ boxes a publisher can tick, with applicable book and ebook vendors. For more on what explicit content in books might mean, please see What counts as explicit content' in books and What level of violence and sex is OK For Kids to read?.


07 September 2016

What's involved in converting a hard copy book to an ebook?

Many of our customers only have a hard copy printed book, perhaps because it was produced by an ancestor, or many years ago. For one reason or another the layout files from the printer are not available or not useable. In fact you are not alone. Many traditional publishers choose to ship hard copy books to their ebook conversion house for ebook creation because of the simplicity and time saved having to dig around for layout packages that are the correct and up-to-date version of the book.


06 September 2016

How to get good professional book reviews

Most authors these days understand that writing their book, producing it as an ebook and/or printing it, is only the first part of the journey. The pathway from book store to reader is complex, and the online sales journey of a book is as vulnerable to consumer demand (or lack thereof) as book sales in bricks and mortar book stores are.


30 August 2016

Point of View in third person fiction

Most fiction writers are in a creative mode when writing their first draft. They are inspired and write by instinct, which is a wonderful state of being. Sometimes, however, it means they may not be aware that they are making errors.


15 July 2016

How to punctuate action in the middle of a sentence in dialogue

Amanda Greenslade

Today I had the joy of going to one of my editing colleagues, an employee in fact, for advice on how to punctuate action that is interrupting a sentence, twice, in the middle of some dialogue. In this scene Tod is pretending to be in a serious relationship with Ruby, for the sake of her dying grandmother who wants to be sure the family line will continue.


29 June 2016

Everybody loves a good dinkus

Chances are, if you’ve ever read a book you’ve encountered a dinkus. A dinkus is that little divider that sits between two blocks of text, usually to break up a scene. This divider traditionally is form of three asterisks ***. It started out as a triangular shape called an ‘asterism’.


26 May 2016

Global distribution channel! Worldwide marketing!

Be wary of shonky ebook publishing services. Some of our competitors make general claims without details and offer "worldwide marketing" or a "global distribution channel" and 100% royalties to you. What this really means is they will create an Amazon account for you, load your file onto Amazon CreateSpace or KDP and dust their hands.


19 May 2016

How to Get Good Cheap Illustrations for Children's Books
by Amanda Greenslade

Publishing a full colour children's picture book can be expensive. Most authors and small publishers will have a sharp focus on how to obtain good quality illustrations for the lowest possible price. Outsourcing illustration to an overseas provider is often the first thing they will think of when money is tight.


6 May 2016

Multiple Rounds of Editing

It's an exciting time to be an editor because our profession is being recognised as a vital part of the writing and publishing process, even in self-publishing. Many aspiring authors are prepared to pay for editing, whether they intend to go for a traditional publisher or self-publish their work. For those who self-publish the onus is on them to understand and project manage the editorial process. It comes as a surprise to some that after one edit a manuscript may not be ready for publication.


29 April 2016

Should I try to get my book published traditionally?

This is a question we get asked, at Australian eBook Publisher, occasionally. Some authors will enter into self-publishing in order to have a finished and published book (print and/or ebook) to show to agents and publishers. Whether or not an editor thinksa writer should try to get their book published traditionally depends on the writer, the book, the book’s genre, the publishers that deal with that genre, and many more considerations. For anindividualised answer to this question please engage us for a manuscript assessment.


28 April 2016

Is My Children's Book a Reader?

Writers of juvenile fiction sometimes wonder whether or not to brand and market their book as "a reader". That is, a book with a certain recommendation for the reading level of the child. Books without this kind of careful planning and crafting (during writing, editing and design) are usually considered picture books or chapter books. In traditional publishing, your publisher will take care of this for you, but what should you do when you are self-publishing?

Your book may not officially be "a reader" but does it actually matter? This is a question for you and your book publicist. There's a very fine line between a chapter book and a reader. The following questions may help you realise whether or not to include the term "reader" for your book.


1 April 2016

Print on Demand Versus Offset Printing—What’s the difference

You might have heard of print on demand and offset printing but aren’t really sure what they’re all about or what the difference is in printing. We’re here to tell you in today’s blog.

Offset printing describes the printing process where the image (or page) is inked in each individual colour of the CMYK colour group (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) and then transferred to a rubber surface before being rolled onto the final printing surface. There are additionally colours, called Pantone colours that can be mixed for a print run, as well.


23 March 2016

What ebooks sell the most?

Here at Australian eBook Publisher we often get asked what ebooks sell the most. We are hesitant to highlight any particular genre as being more successful than another. There are far too many variables involved with each project, book, author and marketing plan to take the narrow view that only the genre was relevant in the book's success. In addition markets are continually changing, so one person's success with a certain title one year, might be irrelevant for someone the following year. Within our own list of books we have seen successes for both fiction and non-fiction.


14 March 2016

Formatting Poetry Ebooks

By Amanda Greenslade

I get asked regularly by writers how they should format their Word documents to make them ready for ebook conversion. Today's blog article is focused on poetry.


12 February 2016

Why Go Digital with your Academic Textbooks and Books for the Education Market

Amanda Greenslade

"Traditional print textbooks have become obsolete.” ~ Ron Jones, owner of an independent academic bookshop in Plymouth, which has had to close after 42 years.


7 February 2016

Multimedia Ebooks

It's time to start utilising the full capability of ebook reading devices and deliver multimedia ebooks to the multimedia generations.

Ebook technology has been a commercial phenomenon now for about ten years, though only in the last few have publishers started to see it as a serious and permanent format for the future.


25 January 2016

Print on Demand Versus Printing Offset—Pros and Cons

So you’re looking to have your book printed but you’re not sure which way to go—offset printing or print on demand—or which way will be most cost effective. Here’s our breakdown:


18 January 2016

Author Platform Series

1. Book Cover Cohesion

If you have written a series it's important to ensure that the covers match. When you're a new author you need to start out with a brand for your author name, a single font or style that is used on all of your books. And if your name does not have any notoriety let it be smaller than the title on your cover design.


8 January 2016

How to self publish a book

Every self publishing project should be done in careful stages:

Write and Edit

  1. Write, rewrite, write more drafts, get to a draft version 1
  2. Read it. Read it aloud. Read it to the target market if possible or have one of them read it.


10 December 2015

Why does it say my book is 'out of stock' on Amazon?

By Managing Director, Amanda Greenslade

If you go ahead and try to order the book, I think you will find that it can be ordered. So just because it says 'out of stock' does not mean it can't be ordered in.

Amazon do not always stock print-on-demand titles, especially when they are new and not in demand. The suppliers of print-on-demand, other than Amazon, have a wider distribution network, and are operating in competition with Amazon's self-publishing POD brand.

8 December 2015

Writers’ Centres

Writers’ centres have become popular and continue to grow for a number of reasons. For a start, they can introduce readers and new writers to a community of folk who share their same interests and aspirations, and provide them with a meeting place. This meeting place can be a room in a building somewhere or it can be virtual. Often it’s both.

30 November 2015

What genre does your book fit into?

Keep in mind there are many genres and sub genres that are evolving, but there are some fairly standard genres that people will veer towards.

26 November 2015

Fixed Layout V Reflowing Ebooks

What's the difference?

Hello my name is Amanda Greenslade; I’m the managing director of Australian eBook Publisher. I’ve created this post to share with you my team’s expertise on fixed layout ebooks versus reflowing ebooks.

23 November 2015

Enhanced ePub Fixed Layout Ebook

By Amanda Greenslade, Managing Director

After publishing over 300 Australian authors I am now a new children’s book author myself. My first book is called Myra and the Magic Motorcycle: Book 1—The Business in Bermuda. In this blog article I will share why we designed it the way we have, especially the fact that it’s an enhanced epub designed for...

20 November 2015

The Book Cover Blogs 3: Sales line

There are three elements that you need to consider for book cover design:

1. Imagery
2. Author brand
3. Sales line
In today’s blog we’re going to be talking about the third point.

13 November 2015

The Book Cover Blogs 2: Author Brand

There are three elements that you need to consider for book cover design:

1. Imagery
2. Author brand
3. Sales line
In today’s blog we’re going to be talking about the second point.

30 October 2015

Give your reader a sample that says something

Before the advent of ebooks, if you were interested in buying a book, you’d pick it up off the shelf in the bookstore, look at the cover, turn it over to read the blurb, and then maybe read a few pages inside. Then you’d make the decision whether to buy it or not.

30 September 2015

Why you should not use exclamation points in a book title

A Grammar Tip From Editor Amanda Greenslade

When I am editing somebody's book manuscript or cover design, I will tend to remove punctuation, especially exclamation points, from the title. It is not common to include punctuation in a title, and it is unnecessary to use exclamation marks. Two is even worse than one.

31 July 2015

Will Australian ebook sales surpass printed book sales?
Where’s the ebook sales data?

In the chart above you will see our claim that it’s not a question of if Australian ebook sales will surpass printed book sales, but when.

In this thought experiment I took a US chart made by statista.com and adapted it with Australian data I gathered from the web. This is not a careful calculated study based on real data, but a prediction I am putting forward, however flawed, as the managing director of Australian eBook Publisher.

24 July 2015

Ebook compatibility and distribution
The key is to stay focused

With ebooks it's important to develop for your distribution.

If you have a concern that your ebook will not function very well for some of the ebook reading apps you have found on various devices and app stores, this article is for you.

15 July 2015

Amanda Greenslade pens book to inspire children

Australian eBook Publisher will this winter publish the first in a series of children’s books by Amanda Greenslade about social issues they may encounter in their personal lives as well as bigger issues that children are having to come to terms with at a younger and younger age.

27 May 2015

Is it an editor's responsibility to ensure your book will be saleable to book stores?

This must be negotiated up front with your editor. If you don't divulge your publishing and distribution requirements at that stage, then your editor can't be expected to factor them into the edit. Also, you may find that some freelance editors simply do not have this skill. It is more of a traditional publishing skill than a self publishing one.

24 April 2015

The Book Cover Design Blogs 1: Cover Images

There are three elements that you need to consider for book cover design:

1. Imagery
2. Author brand
3. Sales line
In today’s blog we’re going to be talking about the first point.

1 April 2015

One size fits most: Ebook device statistics

Most popular ebook apps
There are so many different ways someone can view an ebook. They can have a specialised ereader like a Kindle, Nook or Kobo. Or they may be reading on an iPad or another kind of tablet using the device's inbuilt ereader. Or they may be using an app by one of the big vendors. Or even an independent app.


17 March 2015

Australian eBook Publisher Vs Vanity
Publishing & Traditional Publishing

The difference between a "vanity publisher" and a service business in the "assisted self-publishing industry" like us, is that we are up front about our role, the costs involved, and we deliver what we say we will at fair prices.


12 March 2015

Editing Tips from Australian eBook Publisher

For Microsoft Word

By Sharnai James-McGovern
Note: This editor used Microsoft Word for Mac 2011.


18 February 2015 (updated 18/10/17)

Ebook Lending Rights for Independent Authors

Ebook technology has raced ahead of institutional change. People are taking up digital books faster than government and legal systems can keep up. So it's up to publishers and authors to make wise decisions in the rapidly changing environment of selling digital books.

16 February 2015

Are you a member of your local Writers Centre? Here in Queensland we have the QWC Queensland Writers Centre which produces the Australian Writers Marketplace in print and The Australian Writer's Marketplace online. This year we are proud to support this fantastic resource for writers and we have an add in the Commercial Services section.

03 February 2015

Australian eBook Publisher’s Guide to Self-Editing

From Write it Right by Coral Hartley
Take time
When it comes to self-editing the most important thing you can give yourself is time. Time to step away from your manuscript, so when you return you are looking at it with fresh eyes.

15 January 2015

Weighing the Options in Ebook Conversion and Publishing
A potential new customer of ours has decided to go elsewhere, because she claims they can do what she needs for a much smaller price. The problem is, the customer is not comparing apples with apples.

17 December 2014

What’s okay for kids to read?
We are asked quite often by authors what we mean when we ask “Does this book contain any explicit material?” on our information form. The reason we ask this question is because when we upload your ebook to Apple we need to approve it for children to read (under 18s).

12 December 2014

Ebooks 2.0
Since about the year 2009 ebooks have been considered a significant but new and emerging market. Entrepreneurs, self-publishers and smaller publishers jumped on the ebook bandwagon long before the big publishers faced the inevitable change this would bring. Now in 2014 the ebook market is established and mainstream publishers' business models are being drastically changed.

4 December 2014

Self publishing services, marketing and media packages
I got asked recently about a business that claims to publish and market books for a reasonable fee. A customer of mine mentioned that they can send a media release to people in the media in the US, Australia, UK and more.

20 November 2014

Featured Project: "Love, Justice" (design, print & ebook)
It's been an absolute pleasure working with Elaine Fraser from Beautiful Books on "Love, Justice". The ebook and print project has kept us busy for the last few months, and we're finally seeing the layout in print.

27 October 2014

"Printed books are no more threatened by ebooks than stairs are by elevators."— Amanda Greenslade, Director Australian eBook Publisher

10 October 2014

I had fun doing a quote recently to a writer who was wise enough to want the full shebang (manuscript assessment, editing, ebook design, aggregation AND marketing).

15 September 2014

Write for your readers
You know the kind of story you want to write, but do you know who’s going to read it? When writing, whether it be fiction or non, you should always consider the KAN (Knowledge, Attitude, Needs) of your readers.

21 August 2014

Mary Walters is a writer, editor and writing coach. We recently discovered her blog and Mary has been kind enough to let us share it here.

15 June 2014

A new customer of mine has a series of kids books that have been edited by other editors, yet I am finding lots of areas for improvement. She has found this disappointing (disappointed in her other editors), but I have explained my thoughts on this phenomenon.

Catch-Up with AEP News

15 May 2014

Do you have questions about ebook review copies and copyright?

Ebook Distribution

Ebook distribution—what Australian authors need to know
The first thing to be aware of is that the vast majority of ebook customers (readers) are located in the USA.

26 February 2014

The Importance of Good Cover Design

21 January 2014

Making the most out of digital publishing

13 January 2014

Amanda Greenslade's 10 Steps to distribute your ebook.

1 December 2013

News and Announcements—December 2013 – January 2014

29 November 2013

What are the different types of ebooks?

26 November 2013

How do authors make a return on their investment when self-publishing?

In the book industry there would normally be a far greater up front cost than what ebook designers like us charge. This is because publishers have all their expenses... Read More...

13 November 2013

Big news for Australian Writers and Publishers from Amazon today!

There is now an Amazon store for Australia. There is also now a back-end publishing portal specifically for Australia (payments in AUD instead of overseas currencies, yay!). Read More...

25 September 2013

What are ebooks and how to publish them?

Today we’re visiting some very basic questions about ebook, what they are and how to publish them.

4 September 2013

Why write a business or non-fiction book?

I attended the Key Person of Influence seminar in Brisbane on the weekend and found it very useful. For those who aren't familiar with the brand, KPI is a successful business consultation service operating all over the world... Read More...

21 August 2013

Side-loading ebooks on Google Nexus

Today I've worked out how to side-load ebooks on my Google Nexus so that they will come up in Google Books, not Aldiko or some other reader. You go to play.google.com then Books then Uploads. As long as your Nexus is set up right with your Google account (Drive/Cloud) then they should turn up on your device.

09 August 2013

Does Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch support zooming?

My team and I have collectively spent about 5 hours trying to answer this question. When using Amazon Kindle Previewer (desktop software) you can see the zooming ... However when you actually open these mobi files on the Kindle Fire 8.9" HD it does not zoom.


06 August 2013

How are my royalties calculated by AEP?

Here’s roughly how it works to my knowledge (however you’re better off reading the terms and conditions and talking to your accountant to fully understand it): APPLE EXAMPLE


05 August 2013

Do ebooks jeopardise selling hard copy books?

I feel a little bit sorry for writers who have gone ahead with printing hundreds of copies of their book (whether self-published or vanity) only to find they have no idea how to sell them. I say "a little bit" because in this day and age with the Internet there is little excuse for not realising that books won't sell themselves.


27 May 2013

Geoff Heriot - marketing an ebook

Some steps an ebook author can take to increase sales
As many new writers discover, writing a book is just the first step in the career of writing. To really make an attempt at becoming a full time writer you have to have enough sales to either pay your wages or attract a traditional agent or publisher.


2 May 2013

Word formatting tricks
How to fix the formatting of ordered lists in Microsoft Word.


23 April 2013

How to sell ebooks
We are not experts at selling books, however we have been around in the industry long enough to get some basic ideas about what it takes to sell ebooks. No two marketing plans should be the same, but here is a very basic list to help get you thinking about how to sell your book...


26 March 2013

Google Play is difficult with ebooks
As of today we usually distribute via Apple and Amazon only because they are the most significant players in the ebook market. ... I'm not too keen on keeping Google Play as a recommended retailer of our ebooks.


15 January 2013

Editing English ebooks for worldwide market
I was recently asked by one of my new customers "Is there a difference in editing style for the American market such as typically Australian words, phrases or humour that may be in the book?" My answer:


5 December 2012

eBook publishing is much harder than expected
A new client recently approached me with the following predicament ...

"I am currently attempting to make my self published book into an eBook through Kobo books and discovering it is much harder than expected. "


5 November 2012

How To Gain Media Coverage To Sell Books
It is a good idea to try to get on TV, but if you can read 'So You Want Media Coverage' from the Queensland Writers Centre, that will definitely help you. A key factor in that book is that of notoriety.


17 October 2012

Apple iBooks Payment Threshold
How much do you have to be earning in order for Apple to start paying for your ebook sales?


16 October 2012

Formatting my eBook and deciding on the publishing details page
We have recently revisited three questions while publishing or coordinating publishing of ebooks for our customers and felt these questions might be useful for others who are investigating self-publishing ebooks.

  • What size should an ebook cover be designed as?
  • What should be on the copyright page of an ebook?
  • Can hyphenation be turned off in an ebook?


13 September 2012

Should I use Amazon's Kindle Select to sell my eBook or not?
A new ebook customer of mine asked some questions about Amazon royalty payments.
On face value, it seems a good idea to seek distribution through Kindle Select for the first 90 days, given the potential for enhanced market visibility, the niche nature of this work and my lowly status as a first-time author. Any added promotional exposure would seem to be an advantage. (Moreover, from your earlier notes, I sense that it can take longer to get through the Apple process.) What is your opinion?


Book Marketing

Customer Feedback

"I have really appreciated your support with my book, Amanda. I'm sure your other clients are of the same opinion. Quality professionalism is never in over supply, neither is generosity of spirit. You have both."—Henry Grossek, radio announcer and author of Game On: Building the Education Revolution

"Thank you, Australian eBook Publisher. I am delighted with the quality of the print edition of my novel, Beast-speaker. The service that Amanda and her team provide is exceptional: friendly, helpful and everything is delivered within the promised time-frame. The print on demand package is easy and affordable, and I highly recommend it to anyone considering publishing with Australian eBook Publisher."—W. A. Noble, author of Beast-speaker

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