Do you have questions about ebook review copies and copyright?

It is of significant value to you to have any reviews done, so please feel free to send the epub or mobi you already have on file from us, or a PDF. It is very unlikely that a reviewer will misuse/release/publish your book or otherwise violate your copyright. This is a common misconception among indie-authors (that there are people out there who are keen to get hold of manuscripts or book files and somehow make money from them). Unless you're already famous, there is little or no value in a new manuscript/book file until you market it yourself.

Having said this, we do encourage you to take steps to protect your IP. There are two issues here: (1) protecting your content, (2) managing your copyright. Copyright is automatic and applies to original works the moment you create them (whether you put a copyright notice on them or not). Protecting your copyright, defending your moral rights and enforcing your rights to your IP are also three different, and separate, matters that I won't get into in great detail as I am not a legal expert.

Here are some steps I think you should take:

  • Ensure your copyright notice in your book (print and/or ebook) is correct and present for any review copies.
  • Search the web regularly for unauthorised releases or uses of your content. Eg. set up a Google Alert on your book title and your author name.
  • Think carefully before releasing your files in a public forum such as a website or on P2P file sharing.
  • Do not publish your book in its entirety on a website (eg. with every chapter in HTML or PDF form).
  • Do not allow more than 10% of the book to be published anywhere from the book (eg. in quotes). Google Books is a bit of an exception as it is geared to help your book's exposure while only allowing visitors to read a part of it (like picking up a book in a library and browsing a small part of it).
  • If you are strongly pursuing the business aspect of your writing and you are deeply concerned about copyright and protecting your IP, get in touch with Copyright Agency Ltd. here in Australia or engage your own lawyer to advise you on such matters.

My comments here are not legal advice, just my opinion, as a professional involved in the publishing industry.

Please note that we always apply DRM to books we aggregate unless instructed otherwise at the time of uploading to vendors.

Please note that we are not a traditional publisher - we are an "assisted self-publishing" or team publishing business. If you have not engaged us for any marketing services, our involvement in this process will not yet be part of our contract with you. If you're interested in these services please request information about the Marketing packages we offer.

Arranging reviews is part of stage 2 our "Six Month Book Blitz", for the really serious author wanting to build a platform for success with a range of books.

Otherwise, we can just arrange some codes for people to download your book free from Apple. Contact us for our prices for this service.

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