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You know the kind of story you want to write, but do you know who’s going to read it? When writing, whether it be fiction or non, you should always consider the KAN (Knowledge, Attitude, Needs) of your readers.

You will have probably have already thought about the target audience of your book. If you haven’t, you should definitely stop to consider it. The target audience is the readership you are hoping will purchase and read your book. This is the audience you will be marketing towards. To successfully reach your target audience you must keep in mind what they want from your book. The easiest way to discover this is to review the following:

K - Knowledge

What do your readers know?
Don’t set the knowledge requirement bar too high or too low in your text. Your readers will either get frustrated if they can’t understand, or angry that you’re talking down to them.

A - Attitude

How your readers feel about the topic you’re writing about.
Whether this be religious, cultural, political, or emotive, it is important to keep your readers happy. For example, if your readers are looking for a romance novel to entertain them, don’t kill off one of your protagonists.

N - Needs

What do your readers need from your book?
Make sure they get it. If your book doesn’t provide what your audience is looking for, then it’s not doing a successful job.

Think about your audience and their KAN and translate that knowledge into writing a book they will enjoy. Is your book reaching your target audience? If yes, congratulations, if no, you might need to consider a new target audience, or editing your book.

This information was gleaned from The Professional Writing Guide (Roslyn Petelin and Marsha Durham)

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