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Clean Eating Recipes

Contributors: Clean Eating Recipes Pty Ltd (Author)

Ebook no longer available   

About the project:
This book was converted from Pages documents to epub and mobi. There were over 200 recipes (which meant over 200 Table of Content entries) and over 200 images, and each image had to be optimised in order to keep the highest possible resolution, without sacrificing the size of the epub and mobi. It was great to work with the team at Clean Eating Recipes and we wish them all the best with the sales!

About the book:
With over 400,000 Facebook Likes for “Clean Eating Recipes”, there’s already a huge appetite for Clean Eating. Now there’s no excuse not to eat healthy with the release of Clean Eating Recipes Volume One. Starting a clean, healthy lifestyle that the whole family will enjoy has never been so easy!

Stocked with over 200 quick to prepare and easy to cook recipes, including a sensational San Choy Bow, a Chicken Satay to rave about and Tuna-stuffed Italian Mushrooms that taste remarkably like pizza at a fraction of the calories, the Clean Eating Recipes Volume One is not a diet or short term fix. Rather it’s a lifestyle choice that promises to help you lose weight, sleep better, increase your energy levels, clear your skin and just generally fuel your appetite for life. Easy step-by-step recipes with a nutritional break down for each!

We guarantee to turn your favourite comfort foods and family classics into clean, healthy alternatives that everyone will love!

Never experience bland, boring food again.

Unlock the secrets to a clean eating way of life!

Get your ebook published!

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