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Contributors: James Evangelidis (Author)

About the project
We converted this book to epub and mobi from a client-supplied word document. James provided his own cover, so we added that to the ebook files. As James was distributing this book himself, we handed him the ebook files and wished him well.

About the book
Written in the classic thriller genre, Maze of Keys is about Joshua Keys, a high-powered New York executive head-hunter who is caught in the middle of a vendetta between his biggest client and an ultra-wealthy mad woman bent on getting her way—whatever the cost. Joshua has to find a way to not only save himself, but those most dear to him, from almost certain death.

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Contributors: James Evangelidis (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925029-26-0

Ebook no longer available

About the project:
Using the customer’s supplied cover, we converted the book to ePub and Mobi and aggregated it to Apple and Amazon. This was a straightforward eBook with the only complexity being that some of the fonts needed to be embedded. The whole project went smoothly from start to finish. It was great to work with James and hopefully we will get the chance to again in the future. ...continue reading "What do the Bosses Really Want?"