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9781925271997_400pxContributors: Anya Nielsen
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-99-7
Print ISBN: 978-0-9875110-2-7
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About the book
Since schooldays Anya was intrigued by the mystery and wonder of Egypt. Newly independent she could now fulfil her dream to see the pyramids, the mask of Tutankhamun and ride camels through the desert. ...continue reading "An Unexpected Fork in the Road"

Contributors: Anya Nielsen (Author)
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About the project

We started this project off by designing a print layout for the book. There were photos that needed to be captioned as well as a plethora of footnotes that needed to be checked. We then designed a print and ebook cover with customer’s inspiration in mind.

After the print layout was finished and sent to the printer we moved into the ebook conversion stage. This book was a fairly simple reflowing conversion thanks to the print layout; the only thing we had to be careful with was keeping the images looking nice and turning the footnotes into endnotes. We’re really happy with the outcome, both the print and ebook look great. ...continue reading "Russian Embers: A journey in search of home"