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Philip Siddall, Rebecca McCabe and Robin Murray (Author)

Ebook available: This ebook is no longer available.


This one was a conversion only project. We converted the book from a client-supplied pdf and used the existing cover design and book layout as reference to create a nicely laid-out and easy-to-read ePub and mobi. It was great to work with Peter and we hope to do so again the near future.

Book Information

pain is described as the hidden epidemic, the gift that no one wants, and yet one in five Australians experience chronic pain and this rises to one in three for over 65s.

That means that you or someone you know almost certainly lives with the effects of pain that won’t go away. The Pain Book is a definitive response to this huge but often unseen need.

It helps people face pain by using plain language to explain the source and types of pain, how the body and mind respond and the kinds of treatments available.

It also helps people find hope by giving practical steps to reduce pain and address the physical, psychological and spiritual impact of pain – complete with illustrations, techniques and exercises.
The authors of The Pain Book - Prof Philip Siddall, Rebecca McCabe and Dr Robin Murray - are experts in the field and have devoted much of their lives to help people finding hope when it hurts.

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