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Smell the Gum Leaves book coverContributors: Vince O'Rourke (author)
Epub ISBN: 978-1-925177-73-2
Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925427-06-6
Published date: 14 March 2016
Ebook available on:

About the project
Vince's biographical project was a pleasure to work on. We assisted him with marketing and creating his metadata before we designed a cover for his ebook, and used our Ebook Designer's Touch™ to create a design for his ebook that was warm, welcoming and in line with his genre. With the cover and design ready to go, we converted his Word document into epub and mobi, with a number of added images. Within a short amount of time, the ebook was ready for distribution and we aggregated it onto our usual vendors.
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