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Contributors: Allison Jenkinson (Author & Illustrator), Glen Holman (Digital Artist)

Project Information

Allison Jenkinson came to us with an idea for a new kind of ABC book to help children learn the alphabet. She had some basic sketches and a manuscript and she wanted to turn them in to finished print book files for her to self-publish.

We gave the manuscript a little bit of editing and digitised her sketches for her - converting the line art in to vector images and then sprucing them up, colouring them in and moving elements around to better fit the page. We also included a few extra images in to the backgrounds to help emphasise the letters in question.

At the end of the project we had turned a few felt pen sketches in to a colourful and vibrant children's book that really comes to life on every page! ...continue reading "The Alphabet Book of Nonsense"

Contributors: Nick Karson (Author)

Project Information
Nick brought us his manuscript for The Power Of Women Over Men And How To Use It as a Word document. He already had a cover made, so all we had to do was convert the file in to reflowing epub and mobi files. The entire process was simple, quick and easy. ...continue reading "The Power Of Women Over Men And How To Use It"

97806469390329780646935355Contributors: Sue Croft (Author)

About the project
This book, although fairly small, is full of diagrams with captions, bulleted lists, pictures within lists, boxed sections, coloured sections, hundreds of headings and cross references. All these features make it a very useful book to read and refer to time and time again. We also set up the Facebook page, built their initial following of around 700 and got the author and her associates going with a social media marketing strategy. See

Sue Croft returned with another book titled Pelvic Floor Essentials from the Pelvic Floor Recovery Series. We converted and distributed this title also. The customer was quite satisfied with the results of both projects and we look forward to hearing from them in the near future. ...continue reading "Pelvic Floor Recovery Series"

cover-invitationContributors: Abrams & Elliott

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-31-7
Print ISBN: 978-1-925271-30-0
This book is no longer available

About the Project
The Inveiglement series project started out with three print cover designs for each book in the trilogy. Abrams & Elliott came to us with a clear brief about how they wanted their books to look. They were inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey and chose to print their books at a larger paperback size for impact.

With the covers designed we moved on to the print layout of book one. At this time the text for book two and three is still being written and edited. Again, like the covers, Abrams & Elliott were able to tell us exactly how they wanted their books to look, particularly in using a san serif font that switched between bold and regular type depending on the character. They also had an infinity symbol to separate the type, and a version of their logo as a text separator.

...continue reading "Inveiglement: Invitation"

9781925271676Contributors: Peter Hudson (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 9781925271676

Ebook available on:

Project Information
Peter approached us with his Microsoft Word manuscript that he wanted converted to epub and mobi format. The most complex part of this project was ensuring that the 61 tables featured in this book were formatted correctly and user-friendly. We also designed the front cover, applied Ebook Designer’s Touch™ to the manuscript and distributed to all vendors. ...continue reading "Hudson’s Guide For Teaching Primary Science"

9781925177275Contributors: Petra Eisel (Author)
Ebook available on:

Project Information
Petra approached us about publishing her book, and not long after we received her manuscript ready to be converted into an ebook. We designed the cover, converted it to both epub and mobi formats, then loaded it to all major vendors. The customer was happy with the final result and it was a pleasure working with Petra. ...continue reading "Life Journeys"

Contributors: Anne Jennings
Ebook  ISBN: 9780994255310
Print Book ISBN:

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About the Project:
Anne had already designed most of her book and got a test print created from a different company - however when she received that printed copy, she was unhappy with the result and ended up coming to us to fix it. We made several adjustments to the cover and inside layout and then produced the book for print on demand. The final file was then converted in to a reflowing epub and mobi file. ...continue reading "Belongings"

Contributors: Janelle Fisher
Ebook  ISBN: 9781925029499

About the Project
Janelle had already published her book in print, though at a size which was not conducive to displaying on devices. We consulted with Janelle to alter the dimensions of each page, combining two in to one and made sure they were a suitable size to fit comfortably on an ebook reading device.

Then it was simply a matter of making a fixed layout epub and mobi file out of the existing artwork. ...continue reading "Indigo and the Mistletoe"

Contributors: Michael Hamilton
Ebook epub ISBN: 9780992452018
Ebook mobi ISBN: 9780992452025
Ebook available on:

About the Project
Michael brought us a PDF of his previously printed book It Should Just Work with the intention of us turning it into epub and mobi reflowing ebook formats.

The book contained many images, links, diagrams and tables, though the conversion process was smooth and fast.

...continue reading "It Should Just Work"