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Hudson’s Guide For Teaching Primary Science

9781925271676Contributors: Peter Hudson (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 9781925271676

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Project Information
Peter approached us with his Microsoft Word manuscript that he wanted converted to epub and mobi format. The most complex part of this project was ensuring that the 61 tables featured in this book were formatted correctly and user-friendly. We also designed the front cover, applied Ebook Designer’s Touch™ to the manuscript and distributed to all vendors.

Book Information
This book has been titled "Hudson’s guide for teaching primary science" to distinguish it from other science education books by demonstrating an experiential perspective. I feel strongly about teaching science and I want quality science education for all students.

This book aims to provide a sequential guide for learning how to teach primary science. As always in my practices as a teacher and school principal, I try to lead by example. So I will present many examples for you to critically analyse towards developing your own teaching practices.

In teaching students science, I want you to be inspired but more importantly be inspiring.

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