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Inveiglement: Invitation

cover-invitationContributors: Abrams & Elliott

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-31-7
Print ISBN: 978-1-925271-30-0
This book is no longer available

About the Project
The Inveiglement series project started out with three print cover designs for each book in the trilogy. Abrams & Elliott came to us with a clear brief about how they wanted their books to look. They were inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey and chose to print their books at a larger paperback size for impact.

With the covers designed we moved on to the print layout of book one. At this time the text for book two and three is still being written and edited. Again, like the covers, Abrams & Elliott were able to tell us exactly how they wanted their books to look, particularly in using a san serif font that switched between bold and regular type depending on the character. They also had an infinity symbol to separate the type, and a version of their logo as a text separator.

After designing and some tweaks the print book was ready to go. We aggregated it to print on demand and sent a shipment of the books to the customer.

Meanwhile we began the ebook conversion based on the print book design. We were able to keep the look of the ebook  similar to the print book and this turned out quite well.

Our director, Amanda, provided the customer with some publishing consultation to help them load their ebook onto Amazon themselves using the Kindle Select option (90 days exclusive). When the 90 days exclusive to Amazon were up we aggregated the ebook to our other vendors: Apple, Kobo, NOOK, and Google Play.


About the book
When Tom and Callie meet, their lives are changed forever. They are about to embark on a scorching journey filled with eroticism, intimacy, and passion.

Rough, ready, and deliciously raw, Tom Banham is a hunter. He knows how to be patient in order to get his prey. He has been watching and waiting for five long years. But the time has come to strike and he is ready to pursue what he wants. What he wants is Callie Cashin.

When Callie, a confident and successful business woman accepts his Invitation to meet, she is unaware she is taking the first step in a life changing experience.

Once bitten, Callie crosses the line and falls into a world of erotic pleasure as Tom becomes her obsession. Smitten, every dare and every opportunity becomes a challenge to be met.

Inveiglement invites you to share the darkest secrets of a couple who, ravenous for each other, risk everything to be together.

Book 1 in the Inveiglement Series

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