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Experience With God

Contributors: Kwadwo  Asamoah (Author); Mary Asamoah (Author)

About the project
After we proofread this book, it was then converted to a standard (reflowing) ebook from the supplied pdf. It was a very well-ordered design to begin with and care was taken to ensure that this look translated nicely to a reflowing ebook. We then distributed the book through our usual resellers.

About the book
Experience with God is a practical and personal spiritual encounter with the Holy Spirit. It is an inspirational book from the Holy Spirit. It is practical to the practical christian and non denominational. The book rightly touches on issues like faith, practical Christian living, prayer and trust in God. It is very convincing and convicting. It gives practical understanding of the portions of the Bible that many may find it difficult to understand. Anyone could relate the deep biblical expositions to their generation and environment. It is therefore transgenerational and multicultural. Many people have been blessed by this devotional book and it is gratifying to reproduce some comments from readers.

“Thanks for the devotional book you sent me. I am really enjoying and be blessed by Joseph in Potiphar's house series. I am on the 3rd and last part. Thanks, and may the Lord bless you with new and in-depth revelation about His will. The Lord has revealed a lot to me."

"God bless you for the new perspective that was revealed to me about the rich man and Lazarus story. All along l have been looking at it differently. Thanks for the revelation about the mission on my doorsteps. May the Lord continue to give you wisdom and insight into His word."

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