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For Land of Our Own

Thomas McCallum (Author)

This project included conversion and cover design. The client supplied us with a word document and we converted it to epub and mobi. We did quite a bit of brainstorming with the client to achieve the perfect cover design for his book. It was great to work with Tom and he has an inspiring story to tell through his book "For Land of Our Own".

Book Information

The story follows my ancestors in Scotland, their emigration to South Australia and the suffering and tragedy which they endured. The obvious outcome being, the family never made their fortune. They did leave a large legacy to build the local hospital, a local hall and are respected for helping many settlers.

There is an unrecognized outcome that benefited every person's health in the colony.
My grandmother told me, how she didn't like family trees. "There are too many skeletons in the closet" she said. "You don't want to know."

My family's history is unique and virtually untold.
The only so called skeletons I have found are the inter connection of family in those early years. Many first and second cousins married. It is this closeness that has led to a remarkable story.

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