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God, Ethics and the Secular Society

Contributors: John Gunson (Author)   

About the project:
John came to us with a Microsoft Word manuscript. We designed the front cover and applied our trademark eBook Designers Touch™ to the manuscript, to make it aesthetically pleasing as an eBook. This included processing elements such as indented lists, footnotes and various appendices and references.

The ebook was produced as a reflowing ePub and Mobi and released on all the major vendors.

About the book
After 2000 years of ascendency the Christian Churches are in terminal decline.

This book is a brilliant summary of what most Christians (and their clergy) don’t know about Christian faith, yet ought to know, before it is too late.

The best contemporary Biblical scholarship clearly shows that Jesus of Nazareth had a very different understanding of his life and mission from that of his disciples and of the institution that followed. As Jesus (rather than his disciples) is at the heart of Christian faith, then since he did not believe that he was Son of God and Saviour, the disciples and the church must be wrong.

For the church then, it’s time for a rethink. This book tells you how.

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