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Indigo and the Mistletoe

Contributors: Janelle Fisher
Ebook  ISBN: 9781925029499

About the Project
Janelle had already published her book in print, though at a size which was not conducive to displaying on devices. We consulted with Janelle to alter the dimensions of each page, combining two in to one and made sure they were a suitable size to fit comfortably on an ebook reading device.

Then it was simply a matter of making a fixed layout epub and mobi file out of the existing artwork.

About the book
Curious INDIGO discovers the value of friendship and importance of decisions in this love adventure. When INDIGO allows dreaded mistletoe to grow at the base of The Beautiful Tree she doesn't realise the big problem her curiosity will create. Can anyone help her? This friendship story inspires children to bloom in beautiful character by making decisions that care for themselves and others. Excerpt And so the vine grew and borrowed more of the Beautiful Tree, whose flowers fell as did the leaves. But INDIGO remained at ease. Perhaps it was mistletoe intrigue .....

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