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On Becoming Myself

9781925271782Contributers: Karen Spitz
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-78-2
Published date: 14 August 2015

About the project
We were supplied a Word document for this book and converted it to standard reflowing epub and mobi. We designed the front cover, using an image supplied by the customer. We also applied our Ebook Designers Touch to the manuscript, ensuring that the interior matched nicely with the cover design.

About the book
A story of migration spanning three generations and four continents On Becoming Myself thoughtfully navigates the search for a physical, emotional and spiritual home.

Exploring my Jewish Israeli roots from the unique perspective of a colourful kibbutz childhood I take the reader on an intense but humorous journey through the winding paths of a Zionist upbringing. An idealist before I knew the meaning of the word, On Becoming Myself closely narrates the construction of my identity amongst the shadow of the Holocaust, the Second Intifada and a crumbling Middle East peace process.

On Becoming Myself offers insight into the moving emotional journey of freeing my mind from the claws of depression and piecing myself together as I heal from the trauma of sexual abuse. Sensitively dealing with the slow mending of a survivor’s relationship with their body, I offer a raw account of the painstaking task of coming back into my flesh after years of dissociation and the exhilarated terror of reconstructing my fragmented sexuality.

On Becoming Myself is a story about what happens when we ask the hard question about the past and demand the truth about ourselves and the people we love. It is about the truth’s painful aftermath, families falling apart and the courage, love and resilience it takes to bring them back together again. A delicate exploration of the pain that travels silently through generations, the book paints an intimate portrait of the invisible connections created by inherited trauma.

Part travelogue, part memoir, On Becoming Myself spans my travels in the Netherlands, South Africa, USA, China and Argentina following my unwavering search for wholeness. Written with gripping immediacy, warmth and brutal honesty On Becoming Myself is a story of the audacity needed to gather life’s fragments and follow your path to a life that is truly your own.

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