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Realizing Heaven

About the project
First of all we did a line edit for this from the supplied manuscript, then once the manuscript was ready to continue with, we did the cover design. Then the print design of the interior of the book was commenced, and the book was printed via our Print on Demand service, which also covers distribution to a wide range of book sellers. The book was then converted to an ebook and distributed via our online distributors. A range of marketing services was also carried out for this book, including our Marketing Stage One.

About the book
Have you ever wondered if there is a fundamental reason for most of humanity’s problems? Why have we struggled for so long to deal with issues like inequality, poverty, oppression, corruption, environmental abuse and war?

Why do billions of people continue to allow themselves to be deceived, subjugated and exploited? Why are there so many conflicting versions of morality and spirituality? Realizing Heaven delves into human consciousness in a search for the most rational approaches to such questions. Humanity has countless ongoing challenges, and Realizing Heaven proposes solutions that are clear—but potentially difficult—personal and societal choices of a moral and spiritual nature. Change has to start somewhere. Perhaps with you.

Otto S. Hoolhorst was born in Indonesia to a Dutch father and Middle Eastern Jewish mother. He has lived in Australia for most of his life. A member of Mensa, the high IQ society, he spent decades pondering the human condition. Those explorations, which ranged across history, culture, religion, philosophy, science, engineering, commerce, politics and law, are reflected within these pages.

About the Author
Otto S. Hoolhorst shares his vision for humankind, a vision of human societies in which a predominance of rational thinking supplants unquestioning belief. His concept of an insurrectionist, agnostic spiritual awakening among humankind reflects a hope he has for a future free of “leadership” and the associated concentrations and inevitable corruptions of power. He dreams of a humanity that spurns all dogmatic regimes, including major world religions, atheism, capitalism, communism, fascism, and current legal systems globally. Although born in Indonesia Hoolhorst has lived in Australia since he was seven. He was a professional guitarist and singer for four years before taking up electronics engineering. His knowledge of the world, and his deep thinking about the current state of crisis for humanity, reverberates in his book Realizing Heaven, his life’s work of more than thirty years.

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