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The Alphabet Book of Nonsense

Contributors: Allison Jenkinson (Author & Illustrator), Glen Holman (Digital Artist)

Project Information

Allison Jenkinson came to us with an idea for a new kind of ABC book to help children learn the alphabet. She had some basic sketches and a manuscript and she wanted to turn them in to finished print book files for her to self-publish.

We gave the manuscript a little bit of editing and digitised her sketches for her - converting the line art in to vector images and then sprucing them up, colouring them in and moving elements around to better fit the page. We also included a few extra images in to the backgrounds to help emphasise the letters in question.

At the end of the project we had turned a few felt pen sketches in to a colourful and vibrant children's book that really comes to life on every page!

About the book

The Alphabet Book of Nonsense. What's this all about? I wonder how can an alphabet book be nonsense??? Grandma goat glues golf balls on the grass. Henry Hippo jumps over the hill wearing his hat. I've never heard of such nonsense. Bringing a little nonsense into children's learning can be a lot of fun, with the focus being their alphabet sounds. and with the illustrations being just as nonsense they work easily and simply with the book. Happy Learning!

Before and after of illustrations and digitsation




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