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The Concise Manual For The Ultimate Success In Your Sales Career

Contributors: Maximiliaan Spaanenburg (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 9781925271218
Ebook available on:
This book is no longer for sale.

About the project:
Max brought us a manuscript that he wanted converted in to ePub and mobi reflowing formats, along with a cover design. We ended up selling him on the idea of eBook Designers Touch(TM) as well to make his book all the more professional.

The cover was designed to reflect the success in Sales that the book offers to assist with and in the end Max was left with a fully re-designed and professional looking product, from one simple word file. The resulting eBook was then aggregated to all five major vendors

About the book

Maximiliaan is a renowned fully qualified sociologist and has spend the last 10 years researching the most successful sales techniques employed on an international basis.

The conclusion is this concise manual, a revolution for all sales people to improve their salesmanship and to become truly successful in their profession…

Maximiliaan is currently a sought after corporate speaker, sharing his knowledge and techniques with the sales force.

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