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The Long Weekend

Contributors: Alan Campbell (Author)TheLongWeekend
Ebook ISBN: 9781925271515

About the project
Alan Campbell brought to us a PDF of his book which he had already arranged and designed as a picture book. We re-created it as a fixed layout, trying out several different styles along the way to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

We made a few minor alterations to the placement of text and a few tweaks to some of the images to make them as good looking as possible.

About the book
The Long Weekend is a photographic story of a close knit family of country mice who go away for a long weekend in a 300 horsepower v8 4 wheel drive.

The rugged off road terrain proves to be a very dangerous place for the family of little mice.

Hungry eagles, deep river crossings, flying horses, vertical tree climbing and dangerous rock driving are some of the many challenges confronting them.

Can the family survive all of these encounters or is their holiday doomed to end in disaster? It is... Until... Come and share as many have, the thrills, laughter and heart pumping action in part one of this photographic adventure in the great outdoors.

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