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The Miner’s Wife

Contributors: Melinda Hammond (Author)   

About the project
Melinda came to us with a manuscript in Microsoft Word. We gave it a full overhaul—it was edited, designed for print (cover and interior) and converted to reflowing ePub and Mobi ebook files.

About the book
Glory is on a downward spiral to insanity. She is a mining wife in a mining town in the middle of nowhere, on a road fallen off the edge of the Nullabor, where dead men tell no lies.

Glory and the three men who love her—one is dead, one is silent, and the third is back to collect the gold he left behind. Jackson, Walt and Old Timer, three mates with greed in their hearts and lust in their eyes.

Glory, the woman who inspires them all, then betrays them one by one.


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