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The Tiger Tea Club

Contributors: Harvey Fewings (Author)
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About the project
Harvey already had a published book in The Tiger Tea Club; however, the inside layout had been typeset by the printer so the pages were really just a Word document sized onto book sized paper. We proofread, typeset for print and altered the cover to fit the new dimensions. We applied print book design skills to the layout, introducing chapter graphics, a custom dinkus, appropriate margins and other aesthetic formatting features.

We then set up the new book file with Print on Demand and turned it into a reflowing ePub and Mobi file that was distributed through all the major channels.

About the book
The Tiger Tea Club is a delightful adventure story about the lives of some special people in Australia’s Northern Territory during the 1980s. How they live and how they love form part of their astonishing adventure, which is drawn against the exciting backdrop of some of the world’s most spectacular and rugged country.We go with them, from their raffish jazz club in Darwin, The Tiger Tea Club, through the cultural treasures of Darwin life at that time, watch them swim in mysterious, remote gorges where they meet spiritual beings, and fight for their lives in the Arafura Sea as they are tossed about in a violent tropical thunderstorm.We are also introduced to the curious and fascinating world of Piano Mouse.

Ebook Screenshots

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