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Time Before God: how the universe was created

TahmasebiFrontAuthor: Shahin Tahmasebi
Print ISBN: 978-1-925516-98-2

About the project
We created the print layout and cover design with Shahin for his book. The book had previously been designed for print, but we redeveloped the design to be more attractive and functional. The large amount of images and the equations throughout the book made the design more complicated than others; however, the resulting design is effective and attractive. 

Once the print edition was designed we helped Shahin to distribute it via print on demand with our publishing consultation service.

In addition, Shahin has recently taken our Marketing Stage 1 Package on board and we look forward to the results.

About the book
The Big Bang was not a bang—and it was not so big—neither was it the start of the universe.

The universe started many trillions of years before the big bang and it was in no hurry to prepare for the event that formed our part of the universe.

This book describes the events leading up to the big bang including the formation of the building blocks of matter, how the properties of matter like mass and energy were formed.

These unobservable events of the original universe are described with graphic detail. There is an inescapable logic to each stage and phase preparing for the next. This book is a simple-to-understand and fun explanation of profound and momentous events.

Images from the book
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